Friday, December 12

the jolly guy spooked me why didn't anyone warn me that Santa was a big stranger with a white beard & a funny laugh? He did seem like a nice enough fella, but I must admit... he made me a little nervous - - well, ok - a LOT nervous. I took one look at him & lost it. He was ok from far away, but you can see for yourself what I thought of the jolly guy when dad sat me in his lap. Mia showed me up & didn't seem to mind giving Santa a little bit of love. Way to be tough, Mia, - I bet you get all the good gifts this year, girl!

Before & after our Santa encounters, Mia & I did enjoy ourselves. There were all kinds of fun things to see - lights, trains, trees, & reindeer. If you haven't been - you should check out a Bass Pro Shop near you. The parents snapped several pictures of us.... so enjoy!

Oh... and Santa... I really hope you won't hold tonight's behavior against me. I was just caught off guard. I have been a really good girl all year ;o). Ummm.... would it help if I told you that your red suit was nice & I loved your reindeer!?!

*** if the pictures below don't quench your thirst...
you can see all of them on Snapfish... 1st santa encounter

Tuesday, December 9

these feet were made for walkin'

Whew - I'm burnin' calories these days baby.... up, down, up, down! I may not be overly efficient at motoring around upright (in fact I can definitely crawl faster than I can walk)... but today I've been walking more than ever! I have finally figured out how to stand up on my own, so when I fall down - I can get right back up & go again. I will say, though... if any of you need something to do - - - someone needs to invent baby booty protectors - my toosh is not all that padded & she's starting to feel a little wounded. In the videos, you can see that my skills in the walking department are much improved, but still a tad on the weak side.

Some of you have been asking about my interest in our Christmas tree. Well... to be honest - it's lost its luster a little compared to when it was brand new. Every once in a while - one of the sparklies will catch my eye & I have to check it out, but other than that... I have better things to do these days. With that said, mom & dad did catch me playing with a couple of the ornaments tonight. Not to worry... mom put plastic decor without hangers on the bottom couple of layers - - how'd she get so smart?

PS - notice there are not ANY presents under our tree??? It is making me a little nervous... hmmm? I'm counting on you, Santa!

Monday, December 8

my mommy is loved

My mom asked that I thank all of her sweet family & amazing friends for all of the birthday wishes & love. She says that she is very lucky to have such great people in her life... & I suppose & am lucky, too... I always get to tag along.

Earlier today, we had a fabulous lunch at Kellye's & I got to play with my BFF, Mia, for a long while! Then this evening, we ate with a few friends at La Paz, where Jessica & Erica were being goofy, goofy.... I loved it! I do believe that mom had a great birthday (not that I have had any to compare to it). From the bottom of mommy's OLD heart... THANK YOU!!!!

Also included are just a few pictures from this past weekend. When daddy wasn't studying... we watched a little football with Troy, Courtney, Becca, & Greg.... I love Courtney & Becca, but the verdict is still out on Troy & Greg! Ha.. not really - I just keep 'em on their toes!
**goofin' off w. erica & jess at dinner tonight**

giving "five" to Greg & distracting Troy, so I can have a taste (uh, oh - don't tell mom!)
playing with silly becca & crazy courtney