Monday, May 24

...just not enough minutes

With so much to do, a girl needs a few more minutes in her day. We have been on the move since we got back from our zoo trip. The next Friday, we all went "bowlyen" (aka: bowling) with Sydney and her family. It is a little embarrassing to admit it, but Sydney & I whipped up on our daddies scores (never mind that we had bumpers in our gutters). You'll notice that we were both very proud of ourselves... lots of high fives, hugs, & kisses were exchanged between us buddies!

After our bowling excursion, the Whites invited us over for dinner & we jumped at the chance... you ougghta taste some of Ms. Ashley's cooking & Mr. Justin's grilling... yummmo! But - aside from the food, this toddler would have to say that all of the toys in their back yard just might have been the bestest part of the night.

The next day, my gutsy mom decided to travel with KK to Dallas for my Great-Uncle Mike's retirement party. It was a whirlwind trip, as we went up on Sunday and came back after the party on Monday, but visiting my uncles, aunt, & cousins proved to be well worth the monotonous car ride. In Aunt Gena's geniusness, she pulled out an old set of Marble Works & geezo beezo - we all enjoyed building & racing some marbles (well - ok, I can't speak for everyone else, but I had a blast dumping out all of the marbles & picking them up a hundred times - - you all should try to enjoy the simple things in life, people!). Uncle Mikes party was a great time... he worked for the same company for 33 years... yikers - that is longer than my mommy is old! ;o) It was a wonderful visit... thanks for the last minute notice hotel & hospitality, Aunt Gena & Uncle Joel. Congratulations to Uncle Mike... hope he doesn't get too bored after he's finished with work, but not to worry... should he need something to do - he can come down & stay with me ANYTIME... he is a super fun buddy & loves to spoil me rotten... come on DOWN!

We've had a couple of other excursions over the past few weeks, as well... but mainly - I've just enjoyed the pretty weather & being able to spend some time outside. If the darn mosquitoes would stay away, I am pretty sure that Ardynn & I would live out under our trees in the back yard. Mom took some photos of a couple of our afternoons on the blanket outside, so enjoy!

Lastly... If you didn't know, you are reading the blog of an award-winning gymnast. That's right - you heard me correctly - my gymnastics skills finally paid off & won me a gold medal this past weekend. Ok - so perhaps I am overstating, because I am pretty sure that about 50 other kiddos also won gold medals at the same time, but nonetheless... I did get myself a medal for all of my hard work in Coach Eric & Coach Kelli's class. Super Kids Day was a blast. We got a few pictures, but no good action shots... unfortunately, daddy was busy holding an awake, happy Ardynn, so he didn't have an extra hand.... and since I'm just a wee little bit, mommy still has to help me reach all of the giant equipment. It took me a little while to warm up with the tons of people & kids in the gym, but eventually I did a fantastic job showing off my skills. You'll be very proud, because at the awards ceremony - I even got up on top of the awards stand & said "ta da" when they gave me my medal. Daddy was not able to juggle Ardynn & the camera to get a good photo of my salute, so when we got home - I was more than happy to show off my winnings for mom in the driveway - you'll see the pics of this hot shot! ;o)