Friday, September 13

school schmool

IMG_9605It is official.  I am a kindergartener.  Most of my friends were pumped about going to kindergarten, but not this girl.  I’ve been nervous all summer long.  I’ve been begging mom to let me stay with my last pre-k teacher, Mrs. Slaton.  Oh… I love her so.  I’ve even told mom that I don’t need to go to school, because I don’t want to be ANYTHING at all when I grow up, but… turns out, it’s the law that I go to school.  So… the day came & I went.  There were several tears the first day, and the second day, and the third day, and… well, you get the drift.  I am having a little bit of a tough time adjusting, but… it is slowly getting a little bit better.

My teacher is sweet and I really like all of the things she is teaching us.  Her name is Ms. Pittman.  She’s no Mrs. Slaton yet, but she’s pretty cool (I won’t admit that to your face, but she is).  IMG_9622I didn’t really know anyone in my class, but I have met several cute little girls & we are starting to be pretty good little buddies.  I didn’t really like PE in the beginning, but as the weeks have gone on – I’ve learned to LOVE that part of my day :o)  All in all, I think it’ll be ok.  I may keep crying for a while at drop-off in the morning, but I’m always smiling & happy when mom picks me up… so I think she’s going to make me keep going.  Oh well.

Now Ardynn, on the other hand, is LOVING her teacher.  It’s Ms. Coffey!!!  She was my pre-k 3 teacher at Sierra Vista, too!.  Ardy goes to school on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays.  She asked mommy all the way to school on her first day… “ok mommy.  you not stay with me at school, right mommy!?  you go home with Annistyn, right mommy!?”  That Ardynn… I’m not sure where she came from.  How’d we end up so different?  That girl would really like to go every day, but mom thinks she needs to be home with her for a couple of days each week.  It’s not fair really.  Do you think they’d let us switch places?



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her’s a piglet

IMG_9458IMG_9459At Annistyn’s 4 month doctor appointment, the doc gave mom the go-ahead to give the little darling some real grub!  We whipped her up some rice cereal & believe it or not – she liked that nasty, tasteless  junk :o).  It didn’t take her long to decide she liked food… no matter where it came from!   Even Ardynn & I got a chance to feed her.  Ardy was a little agressive with the spoon & sorta choked sweet Anni a couple of times (you’ll see in the photos)… that Ardynn, she’s crazy!

So – Anni is a great eater, just like her biggest sis (ME!).  We’ve yet to give her anything else just yet… but stay tuned for fruit & veggie updates… she oughtta love that flavor… I DO!



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Thursday, September 12

4 months…wait, NO – 5 months!

IMG_9659 Mommy can’t keep up with our little sprout.  She got the photos taken, but didn’t get them posted, so here are the udpates for our little “Anni Grace”…

@ 4 months, she was 11lbs, 14oz (10th percentile) & 24.5 inches (50th percentile)

@ 5 months, she’s a whopping 12lbs, 9oz (5th percentile) & 24.75 inches (28th percentile)

… she’s starting to be able to sit for a couple of seconds without falling over.  She LOVES her baby cereal & has started a tiny bit of formula (when mommy’s out ‘n’ about running us BIGs around town, it’s nice for her to be able to give the  booger a bottle!)  She smiles ALL of the time & likes to play with Ardynn & me (well – at least ME… Ardynn can be a little much for her sometimes!)  Mommy is so thankful that she’s consistently sleeping from about 9pm to 7am every night & is napping like a CHAMP in her crib.  She’s a doll.  We love her so.


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