Friday, June 26

the loooooongest trip ever

Well folks... to Texas we went.... & to Texas we are. After a mere 20+ hours in the car seat over 2 grueling days... we finally pulled up to my new casa in good 'ole San Angelo, Texas last Thursday. The mild one-hundred degree heat greeted us as rolled into town & prepared to unload the moving truck.

The drive, while long, was not too awful. My fellow travelers have been bragging to everyone about how well I did during the whole fiasco. I did fuss for an hour or so during the first LONG 16 hour jaunt, but I could have laid it on even thicker, so I think they realize they got off easy! ... And if you can imagine it... after arriving in San Angelo on Thursday evening, we left on Friday afternoon to drive to Austin for my cousin, Juanita's wedding. (another post coming soon). Needless to say... by the drive back to San Angelo on Sunday, I was D-O-N-E, done with the car seat.... nut head parents!

I do love our new digs.... our house is a much bigger space than I'm accustomed to maneuvering (especially compared to our recent humble abode in Nashville), but I must say... I think I can get used to it. The hardwood floors are fantastic for pushing my bumblebee scooter around the empty rooms, and because mom & dad have been so busy - - I've been able to get into all sorts of trouble when they're not looking. Mom promises to let me post some pix of our new house soon.

If you can believe it, the paparazzi only managed to snap photos at ONE of our many stops along the journey. As with many of the other posts, they are not the most flattering photos of me. We stopped somewhere between Tennessee & Texas to get a bite to eat at Cracker Barrel, so I helped myself to some blue cheese dressing.... yummm! I should have bottled some of that goodness to go.