Monday, October 12

nobody knows... a sis or a bro??

For those of you who are waiting on the edge of your computer chairs to find out if I will be having a brother or a sister in March.... I'll spare your nerves & get it out of the way right now..... It is a SECRET :o) Nobody knows (well, nobody except Mr. God & the sonographer).

Without the support of the grandmothers (ha! ha! - just kidding!)... we've decided not to find out if we're having a girl or a boy. We did go for mom's 19 week ultrasound last Friday and the nurse was successful at keeping the surprise a surprise! I am so excited that I got to go to the ultrasound with mommy & daddy.... I was all about watching the little "alien-looking" creature on the screen!! I would point to the screen and say "baeeeby, baeeeby". I also blurted out a new word, that just about brought tears to my mommy's eyes..... I said "haaut" (aka: heart) several times while we watched the little munchkin's ticker working! The sonographer was very impressed with my interest during the whole visit. All in all, the visit was a successful one... the sonographer & doctor both gave mommy a great update, so all is well on the baby front.

I have included a photo of mommy's bump at about 18 weeks (to the left)... it is from about a week ago at our cousin, Tiffany's, wedding in Grapevine. We had a fantastic weekend at the wedding.... it was absolutely beautiful (despite the chilly temps and rain). Tiff made a gorgeous bride & the whole ceremony was so very sweet & personal.

You'll see that I enjoyed running around the grounds at the bed & breakfast, where the wedding was held. The rain didn't slow this girl down one bit - I had DooDah & every other attendee chasing me around the place in the drizzle. I've included some photos from the weekend... in addition to the wedding, we went to Grapevine Mills Mall for some shopping and made a stop at Rainforest Cafe (still on the fence about liking all of the busy animals at that place).... hope you enjoy!

PS - - there has also been quite a bit of progress in the kitchen demolition project at our house, so look for updates to the remodel slide show (to the left of the page) - - coming soon. We're finally getting started... yahooo!

I can't stand for my feet to be dirty, so I've turned into quite the toe-picker these days :o)
wad'da ya think of my splits?