Thursday, January 6

i am THREE... party #1

Every girl needs to celebrate on her actual birthday, right!?!? Well... my mommy certainly thinks one does, so we started off Tuesday morning with a special pancake breakfast and several rounds of the happy birthday song (most of which were sung by yours truly to yours truly). At lunchtime, Gingi picked me up for a special birthday treat.... we went to get our fingernails & toenails painted (purple with sparkles for this girl, who has purple on the brain.... not necessarily my mommy's #1 choice, but even she admitted that they are pretty stinkin' cute!). I had a grand time being pampered at the nail salon & think we should make it a weekly visit ;o).

After lunch, I was not feeling quite myself. I was just yuck & sicky, so I took a little nap.... feeling a wee bit better afterwards, we decided to go ahead with the cake & candles with the fam.... fever, cough, and all. Popi's birthday was on January 2nd, so we celebrated our birthdays together!!! I had been specifically requesting chicken nuggets with carrots & "those green things" (aka: cucumbers)...... so...... as all good mommies should (wink, wink)... mine listened. We had a veggie
tray & Chick-Fil-A nuggets. Mommy made me a cake (a second cake, after the first spoiled over night... long story...) and got Popi ice cream with fresh strawberries (his very favorite).

We sang every version of the happy birthday song that I know & it was time to extinguish my flames!! Mom thought it would be fun to put sparkly candles on my cake.... I loved them, but gee wizzo.... those stinkers were tough to blow out. After twenty-seven blows, Uncle Brandon helped me out with his fingers... whew! We all ate some cake and even Ardynn devoured the little bit we offered her. I opened a few presents and hit the sack. Many, many thanks to my sweet grandparents & uncle Brandon for all of the sweet gifts. I was badly in need of something new, you know (ha!).

above.... pancake birthday breakfast
below.... family party pics

Wednesday, January 5

go frogs & hApPy NeW yEaR!

I ain't gonna lie... lately, I cannot get enough of the TCU hornedfrogs. I have them on my little mind all day - every day! Since Popi & Gingi have started taking me to some games, I am loving the color purple!!! SO - when the frogs were in the Rose Bowl on New Year's Day... you better believe that I was watching their band march in the parade & their football whip up on Wisconsin!! Ok... so the game was not at the top of my priority list.... I was most interested in watching to see Gingi & Popi at the game, the big "super frog," & the purple cheerleaders... ha! Ardynn & I were decked out in our purple for the game & for some cute hornfrog photos.... GO FROGGIES!

New Year's Eve was a blast this year, too... I actually got to go with mom & dad to a party at the Stewarts'. We stayed at the partay until almost 10pm (waaaaay past our normal bedtime). Ms. Stewart's munchies were delectable... and Ardynn & I had a blast with Brady, CheyLee, and the other kiddos! After we got home, daddio helped me pop some party poppers in the front yard to celebrate.
I almost made it until 2011, but hit the sack about 10.30pm... not bad for an almost 3-year-old, right!?!?

On Sunday afternoon, our friends - Jana, Sarah, Jon, & Baby H came over for a little while. I warmed up pretty quickly & immediately coerced Jana into playing Go Fish with me (my version of the game, anyway). It was crazy to see how much Hudson has changed, too! He got to roll around on the floor with us & play with a bunch of girlie toys... poor guy - that should start him out right ;o) he he!

hApPy NeW yEaR to all of you & many blessings in 2011!

in our purple....

visiting with jana & the lamb fam