Thursday, March 10

one whole year

The bean turned one whole year old yesterday. She woke up with a smile (as always) and even though mommy said that she probably did not know it was her big day, she sure seemed to be exceptionally happy yeserday in her bright yellow birthday cardigan!

I, on the other hand, have been a wee bit under the weather. On Monday, I came down with a stomach bug & have had an ugly couple of days. Mommy thought that we could try to get out and about yesterday, so we ventured out to lunch with DooDah, KK, & Gingi... and then stopped by daddy & Popi's office for some left over cupcakes that mommy made for us to have at our playdate on Tuesday to celebrate Ardynn's big day (needless to say - the cupcakes were "left over" because we had to cancel the little shindig when yours truly became infected with the not so fun tummy bug.). So... we made it through a couple of rounds of the Happy Birthday song at the office before I started feeling awfully bad again & we had to head back to our cave (aka: home).

Poor Ardynn may not have had a big bash on her birthday, but I made sure that we sang to her multiple times (that is really an understatement). We will give it another shot on Saturday for her family party... mommy says she will get her own little cake to smash in her face... what fun!... do you think she'll shove it up her nose??

We love you so very much little Ardynn Bean... you keep us on our toes with your inquisitive, determined nature & keep us giggling with your ever-present, dimply smile. I love being your big sister... I am not sure what our little family did before you got here? There is no doubt that we are blessed more every day with you in our lives! Happy Birthday, Bean!

my place on the couch & my assortment of gatorade, pedialyte & ginger ale

clapping to the music... so proud of herself
(notice the banana hair gel she applied herself)