Tuesday, November 9

goblins, ghosts, & ghouls galore

We may not have been the scariest Halloweeners this year in our Minnie & Strawberry costumes, but we didn't miss out on any halloween action... that's for sure.

Friday before candy day, my school had a Halloween parade, where we all got to dress up & parade around, picking up all kinds of loot from our parents in the gym. Honestly - I was a little weary about seeing my teacher decked out in a butterfly costume & all of my masked friends mulling around, but I came around and ended up joining in the fun - wearing my ears & tutu for the whole morning!

If you don't know by now, my mommy LOVES her some Halloween fun, so that night we had a small shindig of our closest family friends to carve jack-o-lanterns, decorate pumpkins, and eat some grub. Us little folk are not quite big enough for "carving" .... so mom got supplies for making faces on some smaller pumpkins for us (you'll see our masterpieces in the photos). Our daddies had a little more fun than they were expecting outside carving jacks... they didn't do half bad, you'll see! It was a fun way to kick off halloweeney weekend & it got all of our porches decorated for the big night.

Halloween was Sunday, so you better believe that mom took advantage of it and dressed us up in our black & orange garb for Sunday School and chuch, but don't worry - I'd say we still look pretty cute. After our naps, we loaded up in the car and headed to Gingi & Popi's to raid their candy bowl. We got some family shots on Gingi's festive porch... (notice Elvis & the witch who decided to join in the fun this year)... and then scooted back home to trick-or-treat around our neighborhood. Although again weary about everyone dressed up in their not so nice clothes, I was a very good sport about trick-or-treating once some of my bestest girl friends arrived.... Kora, Alyse, & Bella!!! Thank heavens they decided to hang out in our neighborhood, because without their encouragement to gather candy from my neighbors, I may have ended up staying home in my Minnie best. We took our little strawberry in the stroller with Bella & made the rounds up and down our street with the FLOODS of kiddos who were also looking for loot. It would be an understatement to say that we had a lot of kiddos come to our house for loot.... in fact, Popi (who was nice enough to stay back home & hand out candy, while the rest of us walked the streets) gave away 8 big bags of candy by 8pm, and had to turn off the light & put a sign on the door to keep the stragglers from ringing our doorbell off. Whew!!... our neighborhood goes overboard for most all holidays & I suppose Halloween is no exception. I had a marvelous time & am already planning next year's costume... I have declared, among other things, that I will be Tinkerbell, a horse, and a pumpkin.... so we'll see!?!? Hope the goblins at your door didn't scare you too much ;o)