Friday, November 11

shortcake & a quacker

IMG_9161We kicked off our scarrrrry Halloween weekend with parties at school on Friday.  After months of telling people that I intended to be Strawberry Shortcake for Halloween, I finally got my chance!  Arydnn’s costume was chosen for her by mommy & daddy… she was a duck… the stinkin’ cutest one I’ve ever seen!  Our school parties were fun.  You’ll see a few photos of our classes.  Notice that there were THREE Shortcakes in my class this year… and I thought that I was being original!?

On Halloween night, we lit our jack-o-lanterns on the front porch & prepared for the usual mass of trick-or-treaters.  Our whole fam came over… even Uncle Mike, who was in town for the festivities.  As we started to hand out goodies, we realized pretty quickly that our enormous basket of 1000 pieces of candy was not going to make it through the night.  We all sat out on the front porch & handed out candy together.  We were having so much fun, we decided that we’d skip trick-or-treating ourselves & stick to handing out candy.  There were HUNDREDS & HUNDREDS of goblins crawling our block.  We saw lots of fun costumes & kiddos…. and as suspected, we ran out of candy around 8.30pm.  We did decide to walk next door to the Franks’ house, just to get the trick-or-treat experience.; Sweet Mr. & Mrs. Frank were happy to oblige us.

Our Halloween was a ton of fun this year.  Hope yours was, too.

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Thursday, November 10

our annual carving fiesta

IMG_9142What would Halloween be without a freshly carved jack lit up on your porch? – boring, eh?  On the Thursday before goblin day, we continued (for the 2nd year) our tradition of hosting a carving party for a few of our friends…the Hallmarks, Stewarts, & Brinlees joined us.  Before we got down & dirty with our pumpkins, we ate a few festive munchies …caramel apples, gummy fingers ‘n’ eyeballs, candy teeth, and a little bit o’ witches brew (aka: taco soup).

While the daddies worked on de-seeding & un-gooing the insides of our carving pumpkins, mommy helped us munchkins to decorate our very own mini-jacks.  We used puff balls, wiggly eyes, & bandanas to turn our pumpkins into some not-so-scary jack-o-lanterns.  Then, we helped our dads to carve our pumpkins… they turned out FABULOUS! 

Unfortunately, the Texas Rangers were not so successful that night in Game 6 of the World Series… we kept our eyes on the game all night, cheering them on… but they lost the game in extra innings by a score of 9 to 10… boo!

We had a great time with our friends & we all had snazzy jack-o-lanterns gracing our porches on Halloween night.




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