Thursday, January 22

which is your favorite picture?

Don't you think it's a little presumptuous of my nutty parents to think that they could win some beautiful baby contest with one of my pictures? I certainly do, but as with most things around here... I have no say in the matter. I mean don't get me wrong... $125,000 & being on the cover of some magazine does sound pretty good... but don't you think they'll want a kid that has more hair than her grandpas??? But these crazies are determined to enter me in Regis & Kelly's Beautiful Baby Contest, whether I like it or not!

Just for fun - I thought I would enlist you all for help in the matter. The photo must be recent (within the last month) and it cannot be professionally taken. I've included several pix below... let me know which is your favorite by voting for one of them at the bottom of this post. Then - leave a comment & tell my goofy parents how crazy they are :o). ha!

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Wednesday, January 21

too many sports... too little time

With my mom feeling out my gymnastics skills lately... daddy decided to see what I could do with a soccer ball. Without much coaching at all... I think I am off to a good start. It must come naturally to me, because all it took was watching dad a little bit! Word on the street is that I might have inherited these skills ... I hear that I have a rock star soccer daddy!?! Is that true?

I will admit - it does not keep my interest for very long. After a couple of kicks, or when the ball rolls out of site - I move on to bigger & better things. I'd rather torment Keecha, climb on some boxes, or splash all of the water out of the dog bowl - - - but kicking the ball for a few seconds is fun anyway. Mom caught just a couple of kicks on video today, so enjoy! You might also notice that I'm walking pretty darn good these days, too. Just ask my mommy... she's out of gas & needs a re-charge by 11am these days!

The other pictures here are from earlier today. Believe it or not - mom was excited by the sunny forty degree temps (as it's been under 30 & snowy/sleety for most of the past week)... so she took me outside to get some fresh air for a few minutes today. Unfortunately, I think that I'm now paying for my mom's braveness... because my nose was RUNNNNNNING like the water faucet this evening. It didn't slow me down any, though - I was wound up like the Energizer Bunny, but my nose does resemble that of a clown's :o)

Ciao for now, peeps!

Monday, January 19

mom just can't help herself

I am pretty sure that after my last post about gymnastics (see below)... mom just could not wait any longer to try on my new leotard. This precious get-up is also compliments of Mr. Coach Todd. If I do say so myself, I look pretty darn cute in it. The bottoms are still a little saggy, but I am thinking that if I keep eating like I am now - I can grow into it by summer... wadda you think?

So - there is no real story tonight... just sharing a few of the pictures of me in my first gym leo... I was running around the living room & kitchen chasing Keecha, so mom had to be quick to catch these. Hope you like 'em!

PS - she's been working with me on my front rolls... not too much progress yet, but we'll keep you posted!