Thursday, April 28

not a thing to do this Easter!

Our Easter was slightly jam-packed with places to go & people to see. My mom certainly does not how to keep us busy… have you figured that out yet?? Our weekend started off with a big fat family egg decorating eggstravaganza at our house. You’ll see that we all got in on the action… even little “Ardy” decorated herself a purdy egg!

IMG_5736That night, the bunny visited us & hid a bunch of those carefully decorated beauties out in our back yard… along with about a bajillion other candy-filled eggs. Ardynn and I woke up to baskets full of goodies & were ready to hit the lawn running after some breakfast with the rest of our family. It took us a while & we even took a few breaks, but we eventually picked up all of the eggs that were hidden back there. whew!

After our first hunt on Saturday, we headed out to Uncle Ray & Aunt Joyce’s for their annual Easter lunch. This year, Uncle Brandon, provided the grub by doing a big shrimp boil (quite possible my favorite food on the planet). Unfortunately, my mom somehow did not manage to take the camera out there, so there are no photos of the family fun. That afternoon, we went over to the Cashes' house (Hadley & Judson’s grandparents) for a fun Easter party & yet ANOTHER egg hunt! We had a fantastic time with our friends… they had wonderful food & lots of great activities for us little ones!

IMG_5850Sunday morning, Ardynn & I woke up and got ourselves all dolled up in the dresses that mommy & Gingi made for us. I must say – we looked awfully cute in our almost matching springy dresses! We went tIMG_5855o church & Sunday School…. and guess what we all did during Sunday School!?!? That’s right… another egg hunt! By this time… I was an old pro…. and a tired pro :o) We took a few quick photos on our front porch before heading out for Abilene. Each year, we go to Grandma & Grandpa’s house in Abilene for an Easter celebration with Gingi’s family. It always proves to be a blast… we eat lots of goodies… play with all of our cousins… do a big egg toss… smash confetti eggs on each other… and of course - - - HUNT EGGS!! Unfortunately, this year, most of the activities were curtailed, because of a MAJOR hail storm! You’ll see the photos of the golfball+ sized hail that was falling from the sky for over an IMG_5950hour. Thanks be to our God for that rain, as Abilene needed it as badly as we do here in San Angelo!!! Although a we bit disappointed about not being able to hunt for the 15th time this year, I think I will survive :o)

I cannot go on and on blabbing about our EIMG_5998aster weekend without mentioning that our little Bean decided to come a 2-footed pedestrian like the rest of us! She has been really close to taking off as a solo walker for a while now (as I have noted in my p osts) but just this past week – she decided that walking really is an acceptable mode of transportation. She is walking all over the place, so it will be easy to get a video of her showing off her skills…. stay tuned for one soon!

It was a busy, busy, BUSY Easter weekend…. not one for weenies…. but we managed to make lots of good memories & take lots of good pictures! Thank You, Jesus, for a fresh new start each Easter!!

egg coloring eggggggstravaganza

requires major thinking! IMG_5568 IMG_5569

IMG_5570 IMG_5572 IMG_5573 IMG_5575

IMG_5583 IMG_5584 IMG_5587 IMG_5658

IMG_5594 IMG_5604IMG_5596

IMG_5571IMG_5606 IMG_5607

IMG_5613 IMG_5615 IMG_5619

IMG_5645 IMG_5641 IMG_5642 IMG_5644

IMG_5650IMG_5643 IMG_5632

IMG_5654 IMG_5646

the bunny brought baskets & eggs… what a bunny!!

IMG_5665 IMG_5666 IMG_5674

IMG_5669IMG_5667 IMG_5675

IMG_5672 IMG_5681 IMG_5679

IMG_5686 IMG_5687 IMG_5688 IMG_5689

IMG_5708IMG_5695 IMG_5712

IMG_5699 IMG_5714 IMG_5719


IMG_5723 IMG_5725IMG_5784

IMG_5730IMG_5740IMG_5789 IMG_5790

IMG_5726 IMG_5736 IMG_5739 IMG_5754

IMG_5769 IMG_5751 IMG_5758IMG_5771


IMG_5786 IMG_5792 IMG_5793

Easter Party at the Cashes’

IMG_5802IMG_5795b IMG_5805

IMG_5810 IMG_5849IMG_5854


(me & my besties… the 3 musketeers)


IMG_5851IMG_5850 IMG_5855

…. i wasn’t tired at all.. just resting my eyes after a long day ;o)


Easter morning…

IMG_5870 IMG_5874IMG_5888IMG_5886IMG_5885 IMG_5887 IMG_5889 IMG_5895

IMG_5898 IMG_5900 IMG_5901

IMG_5926 IMG_5928 IMG_5935IMG_5936

IMG_5929 IMG_5931 IMG_5934 IMG_5938

IMG_5942 IMG_5950IMG_5945 IMG_5946

IMG_5947 IMG_5953 IMG_5955 IMG_5956


IMG_5971 IMG_5974IMG_5981


(sweet cousin pictures… with baby june)

IMG_5987IMG_5990 IMG_5992


IMG_5996 IMG_5998 IMG_5999

IMG_6001 IMG_5983IMG_6003


(look at these “tiny” hail stones…)


IMG_6017IMG_6018 IMG_6016

IMG_6023 IMG_6028 IMG_6034