Wednesday, June 15

almost made it down the aisle

At my second birthday party, my family’s sweet friend, Stacy, asked me to be in her wedding as a flower girl. Yes… ME! Mom was a little waaaay hesitant to say yes, knowing well my tendency to run from large groups of people, but… after much encouragement (and a guarantee of non-disappointment from the bride), she agreed! After all… the Lees are practically family, so it was my honor to be involved!

Mom ordered my dress a while back & I pumped about the “parkely” (aka: sparkly) blue sash that Gingi made for it! Over the past few months, we started talking about what a flower girl does. We watched seven thousand and one videos on YouTube with all kinds of flower girls – some who walked, some who ran, and some who cried. I was very confident that I knew just how to throw the petals, smile, and walk! We even practiced with colorful petals outside on the front sidewalk each day during the week before the big day.

Stacy even offered for little “Ardy” to walk with me, if it would help my nerves. So, last minute… KK found a semi-matching dress for the little bean… just in case!?

Friday was the rehearsal dinner… and I will go ahead and admit… it was a disaster! I freaked out with all of the peeps trying to coax me down the aisle. It was all a little much for this little 3 year old to handle. I did practice several times that night (when almost nobody was watching) but mom & dad were sure that they would not even be able to get me into my dress for Stacy’s big day. They were a wee bit stressed, but luckily… Stacy was oh, so understanding & assured everyone that she would not be upset either way… whew!

Well… the wedding day came… and despite my mommy & daddy’s thoughts, I did get all dolled up in my princess attire. Mommy fixed my hair like a big girl… with a ponytail of curls & a flowery headband. I did put up a little bit of a fight at the photos before the wedding (I am not sure what happened there??… I am usually nothing less than a photo pro!?!?… guess it was the nerves) but it looked like I just might attempt to walk down the aisle.

At the ceremony… everyone was dressed up & looked absolutely amazing. When it was my turn to head down the aisle… just as predicted, I started to latch onto Uncle Brandon’s legs – refusing to walk alone. Mom ran over with Ardynn & offered for me to walk with the little Bean….. and my mood quickly changed. I took her hand & tried to walk with her down the aisle, but she stopped several times to play with the decorations lining the aisle. Once she started to waver… mom sent me by myself again & I nervously walked about 1/2 way down alone, but in the end – it was obvious that the easiest way out was to turn around & run!

So… I didn’t make it all the way down to the front, & I didn’t even drop one petal…. but I did look pretty darn cute, if you ask me! Just as she assured us, Stacy was not at all upset. Like my mom & dad… I think she was just happy that I even made it out of the dressing room without screaming & crying! Mom managed to get me to walk down the aisle after the whole service was complete… so those are the photos you’ll see. I partied HARD at the reception… dancing until I literally fell asleep in my DooDah’s arms around 11pm. Ardynn held her own even longer than me that night… we danced & danced & danced… now THAT was what I like to call a PARTAAAAY!

Stacy & Jason’s ceremony was absolutely magnificent. She looked like a real-life fairytale bride… and the whole evening was nothing short of perfect! I am honored to have been a part of their wedding (well…. sort of a part). Best wishes & blessings to them always!

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