Saturday, August 7

take me out to the BEACH... & leave me there this time!

I am still trying to figure out why in the world we came home from the beach last weekend... in fact - I'd like to know why everyone does not just pack up & head for the coast on a monthly basis - better yet... don't they need dentists on the beach???... let's move!

In other words... YES - I had a blast at the beach last weekend. We went to Port Aransas with Popi, Gingi, & Bebay... and boy was it nice. There is not a whole lot to share, as we did not do much other than play in the sand... play in the ocean... and play in the pool. It was pretty close to what a 2 year old would imagine heaven to be like. You could see the beach from our balcony... ahhhh!

I loved discovering little sea creatures in the sand with daddy.... and making sand castles with Gingi. The salt water didn't bother me in the least & I was always eager to hit the waves with my floaties or my ladybug boat float. The pool area at our hotel was fantastic... they had about 3 different pools that spread out down the middle of all of the condos, so we could swim in a different pool each day, if we wanted. There were even 2 big water slides at
the end of the pools. Yours truly was not tall enough to ride them yet, but I loved watching "the adults" race down them & plunge into the water.

Even little Ardynn got in on the action at the beach & at the pool. She already enjoys the water & swam several times on the trip. While we were at the beach, she spent most of her time under the canopy or umbrella in her little baby pool. Mom also took her for several walks down the beach in her stroller... she took several naps on the beach (boring!).

Like I said - there is not a whole lot else to say... we had a wonderful & relaxing trip... and honestly - I'm already game for going back. How about tomorrow?