Thursday, May 21

kookies for kellye

Today is "Aunt" Kellye's birthday, so yesterday.... mom & I headed over to "Aunt" E's house to make a batch of her FAVORITE sugar cookies. I had so much fun playing with Sammy, Aunt E & Uncle B's "son". Sammy was such a good boy... he let me play with all of his toys & feed him some of my snacks. I think Sammy needs a little sister or brother of his own to play with every day (just a little word out for you, GiGi). Get busy, guys!

Aunt E also gave me my first taste of an Easter Peep... gosh I knew I loved
her :o)... she appreciates the tasty things in life, just like I do! Unfortunately, as hard as I tried... I still got blue sugar coating all over my hands & face... made for a couple of good pics, though!

After our cookies were baked, we headed back home & prepared dinner for "Aunt" Kellye. She was kind enough to let us bombard her house to eat it. The birthday celebration would have been a little hampered at our apartment, considering we don't even have a dining room table :o)

Mia & I had a blast... we chowed down on some Rotel Chicken Spaghetti & danced all night to the American Idol finale. I think Mia & I had more fun than the birthday girl, but.... someone's gotta do it!

Happy Birthday, Aunt Kellye...
hope your day is FANTABULOSO!

goofing off at Mia's

a couple of to-be American Idol back-up dancers!!!!

Monday, May 18

dr. daddy (take 2)

I said it before & I'll say it again... I could not possibly be more proud of my daddy! In total, he's been in school for a whopping 20+ years, and this weekend - he finally walked across the stage at the Grande 'Ole Opry to commemorate that, because of all of his hard work, he is now.................. (drum roll please)................

Dr. Brent Lewright, D.D.S.

The joyous day started out a little shaky (to say the least). Of all weeks to catch a stomach bug, Daddy did just that. For most of the week last week, he was not feeling so hot & could not eat much of anything. Coupled with being a wee bit nervous about the big event..... Saturday was ROUGH.

In addition to daddy being "under the weather"..... the actual WEATHER was ugly, too! The thunderstorms were out in full force all day long. We got rained on walking into the ceremony... we got sprinkled on while taking photos after the ceremony.... and we got down-right POURED ON on our way to the car. You might be able to tell from the photos that it was a little less than a good hair day for most :o)

But... with all of the craziness aside, the ceremony was fantastic. Mommy & Popi had to sit in a different section from everyone else, so that that could "hood" daddy on stage.... so this left the rest of the family on "munchkin-duty". I am happy to say that after the service - mom was given an A+ report by Granna, Gingi, DooDah, and the rest of the clan.... who agreed that I was a little angel for the entire 3.5 hours!!! Applause please.
** see a video of daddy walking across the stage below (complements of Uncle Joel - our videographer)

After graduation, daddy & I headed to the hizouse to take a nap, as we were POOPED! Later in the evening, we had a wonderful dinner on the patio at a restraunt (covered & enclosed - thank goodness) to celebrate with our family & friends. My buddy, Mia, came.... so we had a blast screaming, sharing food, brushing the giant teeth, & playing with the balalalallloons (my version of the word).

Thanks so much to our family, who came all the way from Texas to share in this outstanding accomplishment with Daddy. It meant the world to us to have you all here for such an important day in his life! We love you all & miss you already!

PS... to those of you who have continually prayed for daddy & our family - we cannot thank you enough... your prayers & best wishes are much of the reason he has that "Dr." before his name!
Daddy still has to study & take his regional written & practical boards over the next couple of weeks, so that Popi will let him pull some teeth when we get back to San Angelo - - - so keep those prayers coming. Pretty please!

Sunday, May 17

the zoo! the zoo!

Oh, boy was this weekend was packed with excitement! Not only did my daddy graduate from dental school (more to come in a later post), but also - - - I got to go to the ZOO for the first time. Holy cowzas... I don't even know where to begin....

The forecast showed thunderstorms for most of the weekend (the norm for Nashville these days... I am not so sure that we live in Tennessee at this point... it feels more like London!!!) ...but the Lewrights & Johnsons are no weinies, so we decided to brave the weather & try to catch a glimpse of some cool animals.

...and boy did we ever see some neato animals! You can see a few of them in the photos below.

After about an hour... we started to hear some rumbles & saw a few clouds roll in over-head, but as I mentioned before - we're no weinies! No weines that is.... until the drops started falling from the sky... at that point, I wish I'd had a video camera to prove how fast those "non-weinies" can run. We high-tailed it to the nearest building (filled with lots of reptiles & birds) to wait out the rain. I didn't mind the rain one bit, but as you may be able to tell from the photos... mommy's hair DID! hahaha... enjoy the pix!

dr. daddy

My daddy is a DENTIST!!!.... he graduated from dental school yesterday & we are all so very proud of him. I have not had a chance to go through all of the photos from this weekend yet, but I wanted to take just a moment to show you all at least one photo of his big day. When I get the others uploaded... I'll make a slideshow for you!

Congratz to my daddy!!!
... that's right....
Dr. Brent Lewright, D.D.S.

So - do you think I should start calling him Dr. Daddy???