Saturday, July 17

so, she's not a fan... yet!

So... the "big event" was not so "big" in Ardynn's book. We got the go ahead from Ardynn's doctor at her 4 month appointment this past week to start giving her some baby food, so Thursday night - mom whipped up some not so tasty rice cereal for the little bean & we got her all situated for some real grub. Unfortunately - the always smiley baby was a bit fussy when we decided to try to feed her for the first time (probably due to her stinky shots)... so it was not really a successful attempt. Although, she did seem to know what to do with the food, because she swallowed in between all of her crying spells... so there is hope!

I on the other hand... knew exactly what needed to be done on such a momentous occasion... As mommy & daddy fed & filmed the munchkin, I made sure that we had the whole event documented via camera, too. You'll see in one of the videos that I did steal the show for a little while - - - daddy just could not help himself, so he turned the camera on my cute little self while I played "photographer" for Baby Ardynn's first real dinner.

We tried again on Friday night & it was a much better attempt! Don't be too worried yet... One way or another, I'll teach her how to eat just about everything... food is too good for a little girl to give up after one bad experience ;o)

As an update... the doctor said that the bean is doing just great. She is on the small side - weighing in at 11 pounds 4 ounces (3rd percentile) & measuring at 23.25 inches (8th percentile).... but Dr. P was overly pleased with her outgoing personality, telling mom that she was obviously "advanced" developmentally, and that her size would not slow her down. We already knew that she was pretty active for a 4 month old (we've been working on how to impress the doc!). he he! She is also rolling over on her own (both ways) and letting mommy sleep from about 9pm until at least 6am just about every morning. Her naps are few & short most days, but she's a happy camper most of the time. Now that her "trial period" is up - - I think we'll keep her ;o)

The other photos below are from last weekend's trip to Austin... you'll see my buddy, Dylan & Ardynn's friend, Samantha, who was born in May. We had a blast meeting our new friends and playing at Jeff & Ashley's house! I hope our craziness did not cause too much trouble with their brand new little pumpkin, Sam.

Monday, July 12


Yup... mom & dad are SUCKERS for photos of their baby girls. Once again... they are BROKE due to the likes of a professional photo studio & our pretty little faces ;o) While we were in Austin this past weekend to visit friends & family, mom & dad took advantage of the fact that we were close to a photo studio chain that we used often in Nashville. I won't waste any more space on words... enjoy these shots!!