Monday, March 8

here comes my BABY!!!

I wanted to let all of you dedicated readers know that TOMORROW is the day! Mom's due date is today, but there's not much sign of our new little one arriving on his/her own, so she goes into the hospital at 5.00am tomorrow morning to be induced. Hopefully we'll see our new baby by dinnertime (lunchtime if mom gets her way)... ha!

Mom and dad have explained everything to me several times. If you ask me when the baby is coming, I say "soon!".... and I know that when it does come, mom & dad will stay with the "dottors" (doctors) for a couple of days & that I get to stay with KK, DooDah, Gingi, & Popi. Then... we'll bring the baby home to "rocky (rock) it," and "kiss it," and tell it "no tie, baby" (no cry, baby). I am letting on that I am excited about all that is about to happen, but just between you & me.... I am not so sure about all of this ;o) hehehe!

Here are a few photos from last week... I sure am glad that the doctor is going to help get that baby out of mom's belly... I think it might burst like a bubble soon... yikes!

Be back soon with photos!!!