Thursday, October 2

a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Gosh... these fall days are addicting. It's been absolutely gorgeous outside over the past couple of days, so I've been taking advantage of it. We've been out in our front yard playing quite a bit & I thought I'd share a few pictures with you. After all... my hair looks better in the sunlight - did you notice? Don't laugh, now... I do have hair.

Also - mi madre & padre decided that it would be a good idea to take my cadillac convertible (aka: walker) for a spin in the driveway today. She does not get much use in mi casa, because we have too much carpet, and as you can imagine... she doesn't run that well on it. So - I got my first try maneuvering that sucker around. I can only hope that practice will make perfect, because if today's any indicator - I'm not such a good driver :o) - ha! I could go in reverse all day long, but moving forward posed a bit of a challenge. You can see a couple of small snippets in the videos below. Thank goodness it's supposed to be nice all weekend.... perhaps they'll give me the keys to my caddy again soon - I need the practice.

Monday, September 29

jet setting to big d

We made a trip to Big D this past weekend, so that daddy & popi could attend a seminar. The best part was that I got to see my grandparents, aunts, & uncles, too. The plane rides to & from Dallas were good. I did not sleep like I did during the previous plane rides (when I was tiny), but mom & dad were able to keep me entertained with cherrios, apple juice, and the view out the window.

I was a little snotty & not at all fond of the crib in the hotel room, so I caused a bit of a ruckus at bedtime & 2am & 4am & 5am.... just to keep everyone on their toes throughout the nights. Eventually I just ended up being held by my gingi or in bed with mom & dad ... he he he - I'm smarter than you all think.

While some would say that the nights were not so fabulous, I had an awesome time every day. While daddy & popi were in their meetings, us girls went shopping & toured around town. We ate at all of mom & dad's favorite Big D restaurants while we were there, and had burgers at Uncle Joel & Aunt Gena's house one night. Cousin Scott let me pet his guinea pig & Aunt Gena let me bang on her piano (she even pretended that I was a pro).

It was quite a jam packed weekend, but it was well worth it, as I had not seen my grandparents in a couple of months - whew! Many thanks to everyone for a wonderful visit.... I am glad to be back in my crib, but I miss you all terribly already. Can't wait to see you again soon. Enjoy the pics...

takin' a bath in the itsy bitsy sink at the hotel
gingi readin' me a book at bedtime... then in bed with my mommy... he he he

1st encounter with PF Changs... yummo (reaching for my very last cherrio)

granna, me, mom, & doodah

my goofy great uncles

rockin' some tunes with Aunt Gena on her piano

playin' with gingi & laila... then passed out on doodah
at Gloria's for lunch

"talking" & waving to strangers at the airport