Wednesday, April 17

enter sista no.3…. annistyn grace

Annistyn Grace Lewright

Wednesday, March 27th…. 10.42am

6lbs 11oz… 18.5”


Well… The wait is over.  We finally found out just what God had in store for our family…. another SISTER!!!  Oh boy – this means more baby dolls, more barbies, more bows, & more fingernail polish!  What could a girl want more than a sister???…. that’s right – you got it… TWO SISTERS :o)

When mommy went to the doctor for her normal weekly sonogram / check-up on Tuesday, March 26th…. none of us were quite expecting the doctor to say…. “hey – let’s have this baby tomorrow!”  But that’s exactly what happened!  Dr. Hajovsky thought that our little peanut was cooked just right & decided she would induce mommy at 7.30 on Wednesday morning.

It turned out that Wednesday morning was my and Ardynn’s Easter Egg Hunts at school…. so KK & Gingi came over to our house reeeealy early to help us get dressed & ready, while daddy took mommy to the hospital.  DooDah picked us up early from school, so that we wouldn’t miss seeing our new baby born… and it’s a good thing he did, because Dr. IMG_7482 Hajovsky was right… that baby was cooked perfectly & decided she’d pop right on out in about 2 hours!

… by 10.42 AM, Annistyn Grace Lewright made her way into this world… weighing in at 6 lbs 11 oz (exactly the same as Ardynn) … and measuring 18.5” in length.  I have to admit… Ardynn & I were a little weirded out by how “dirty” she came out… she had all kinds of white stuff all over her… she almost didn’t look like a human baby :o) … but mommy assured us that once she got a good bath, she’d be all cute ‘n’ cuddly like one of our baby dolls.  Mom was right… she cleaned up mighty nicely… isn’t she just a perfect little peanut?  Ardy & I finally got our chance to hold her a little later that night & boy was it great.  Oh how we love our littlest “sissa”!

IMG_7601Baby Sis was healthy & happy, but she did have to stay an extra night in the NICU under some “bili lights” because she was a wee bit jaundice.  Finally on Saturday morning… just in time for us to color Easter Eggs… she got released from the hospital… that’s right… they let her come home to live with us!!! … eeeeek!  Not sure they knew that they were sending her home to the madness that is our house!?  :o)

We love love love her so…  I am not sure what we did without her?!!


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