Wednesday, March 31

visitors, doctors, & eggs... oh my!

Over the last couple of weeks, we've been lucky enough to rake in the visitors around these parts... most of whom came to see my new precious baby sister (and me, too... without a doubt.. hehehe!) Great-Grandma & Grandpa Jacques came down with Aunt Sylvia from Abilene. Uncle Bryan & Caroline brought Great-Grandma Susie from Austin last weekend. While they were in town, we got to celebrate Uncle Bryan's birthday with "birtay cake" (birthday cake).... yahoo - my favorite meal ever ;o). This week, we got a visit from some of mommy's best friends... Sarah & Jana. Us girls had a blast visiting & playing with my boy-toy remote controlled hot rod... you'll see the funny photos below. I have to say - the girls might not have been quite as skilled at maneuvering me around as daddy & DooDah are.

Mommy took Ardynn to the doctor last week for her 2 week check-up. She was back up to her birth weight (plus an ounce for good measure)... 6 lbs 12 oz. The nurse said she was a whopping 19 inches, which would mean she shrunk a quarter of an inch since she was born (poor kid).. hehehe! Dr. P gave her a score of 100% perfecto. I'm not surprised... after all - Like big-sister, like little-sister ;o) The little bean is doing pretty darn good... she eats an awful lot... seems like she's always getting another meal or snack... she better watch her figure! Mommy says she's sleeping as well as can be expected at night... waking up around 2am and again around 5.30am to eat. I'll have to teach her how important her beauty sleep is at some point, but for now - I suppose she's not shabby at bein' a baby!

My favoritest part of this week was Monday at Kids' Day Out... we had an Easter Egg Hunt and holy moly - it was super crazy fun! I found a whopping 14 eggs & they were filled with all kinds of "tandy" (candy) and treats. I came home from school & spent the whole day counting & separating & assembling & hiding & finding my eggs and candy... I even insisted on taking my eggs to the bathtub with me that night. After my little practice run, I am pretty pumped about the festivities this weekend... if Ardynn is lucky, I might let her find one egg! Hope your Easter is super HOPPY!