Thursday, March 15

ole! ole! Ardynn turned TWO!

IMG_5151 Isn’t she a cute little “bean”?!!  A couple of months ago, we decided that the best choice for a theme for Ardynn’s second birthday was a no-brainer.  By far… her favorite foods are Mexican … beans, enchiladas, queso (smart kid, eh!?), so we decided on a FIESTA for the little “bean”.  Mommy whipped up some tacos & queso…. Gingi made rice & enchiladas … KK made beans … the food was delish. 

And did I mention the dessert??  Another one of Ardynn’s favorite things in the whole world is CHOCOLATE … “sha-cha" as she calls it.  So, I helped mom make her chocolate fiesta birthday cake… it was all we could do to keep the little bean’s fingers out of the frosting until we had the chance to siIMG_5160ng to her.  She was so very proud of herself after blowing out her candles… and boy did she ever dig into that “sha-cha” cake!

W e had also planned to borrow KK & DooDah’s inflatable slide/pool for us kiddos to play on outside, but as we should’ve expected - - - after several gorgeous days leading up to the fiesta…… on Friday, it was freezing cold & rainy outside.  Go figure.  But – daddy promptly suggested to mommy that we put the slide in the living room.  She was less than convinced that it was a great idea, whereas I, personally, thought it was nothing short of GENIUS.  I was right.  KK brought it over for a test run on Thursday night … and after a minor re-arrangement of the furniture, it fit like a dream!  What a novel idea - - an inflatable slide in the living room.  I am working on making it a permanent fixture.

Ardynn had such a great time at her party… she enjoyed every second of it.  We are more than blessed to have her as a part of our family.  I still question what we did before she came along… she keeps all of us on our toes.  She may be a little pint-sized pumpkin, but she lacks zero in personality… gosh I love her cute little bean self.

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