Monday, July 15

swim-cation with friends

We took a fun family weekend vacation with some of our bestest friends… the Vosburgs, the Brinlees, & the Hallmarks.  We went to San Antonio and stayed at the JW Marriott.  They had some super fun water slides, a great kiddie pool with baby slides, a lazy river, and lots o’ sun.  I had the best time swimming and hanging out with all of my friends.  In the evenings, we would get a yummy dinner & play out on the big lawn with other kiddos.  Annistyn was a darn good baby!  Thanks to all of the mommies & daddies that were willing to help, mom & dad were able to manage 3 of us wild kiddos :o)  It was a blast & we cannot wait to do it again.







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annual july 4th parade… WINNERS!

IMG_9218This year’s Santa Rita Parade was the best yet, because…. we WON first prize for best decorated vehicle!!! WOO HOO!  It was a fun parade.  There was a small mishap when I turned my head for a split second & ran over Judson with my jeep.  Poor guy was tough… he jumped right up and we all finished the parade.  Little Annistyn was not interested in riding in her stroller, so when mom was sweating up a storm carrying her… our neighbors, Bart & Kathleen Pfluger, offered to let her ride in their golf cart, where she finished out the parade in style.

As usual, our family joined us for a fun breakfast following the parade and then we headed out to Gingi & Popi’s for some family fun.  It’s hard to believe that the fourth has come & gone yet again.  It was a great one!



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