Saturday, January 2

...santa came & santa went...

I'll tell ya - our holiday season has been far from relaxing, but there's no doubt we made the most of it! Although our house was not ready for Santa to visit us there, he found me at KK's house, and boy - I am not complaining! I am not saying that I am ready for my nutty parents to plop me down on his knee & make me tell him what I want for Christmas, but I will say that he gained some major brownie points with his deliveries! I'll give you the short version to spare you the 1000 lines of Christmas talk...

Once again this year... Gingi's tradition of decorating Christmas cookies was quite a delicious project! On Christmas Eve, she got out all of the decorating tools... hooked me up with my own little bowl of icing (I suppose they didn't want me dipping my frequently licked icing brush into everyone else's bowls.. hehe!). You'll see some photos of me painting , licking, & eating! We went to church on Christmas Eve & then drove around for a while to see some "petey yights" (aka: pretty lights). After our "yights" tour, we returned home, where I finally got to rip into one of the presents under our tree. Mom & dad said that I had to get some shut eye, so that Santa would come to leave me some toys.... and even though I found it a bit unnerving that the jolly, chunky guy was going to be in my house while I slept, I reluctantly turned in & slept like a baby.

Christmas morning was a wee bit overwhelming... we started off the morning with breakfast at KK's house. Santa left me EXACTLY what I'd been asking for - - PLUS SOME! I was shocked come out of my room to see a ball, a baby, a baby stroller, and a new red hot play kitchen (complete with all of the food, dishes, & cooking supplies an almost 2 year old could dream of). It took me a little while to warm up to all of the new toys... I started with my jam packed stocking & worked my way over to the big stuff. After just a few minutes, I realized that I hit the JACKPOT! Little did I know, it was only beginning...

After we wrapped up breakfast & got dressed, we headed to Popi & Gingi's house, where we opened more presents... among a bunch of things, I got a new pink tricycle. That's right... this girl has WHEELS!! We ate a super delicioso Christmas lunch (thanks to Gingi) at a beautifully decorated table (thanks to Bebay). Shortly after we finished opening gifts, we headed off to watch daddy play at the 4th annual San Angelo Christmas Bowl (a charity game that CHS alumni play every year). The players & spectators at the game raised $1400 dollars for Meals for the Elderly... we all had a great time.

Christmas evening meant that it was time to head to DooDah's house for more celebrating. After another smorgasbord of food (thanks to KK)... wouldn't you know.... MORE GIFTS! I ripped into a new "inchy waa" (aka: a radio flyer inch worm) and a pop-up tent of my very own. Whew... one would think that this much gift opening would be all a kiddo could handle, but we wrapped up Christmas festivities with another evening of food & gifts at DooDah's again on Saturday evening. This time, we were joined by all of KK's family (the McWilliams clan).

Many, many, many thanks to all of my family members for the gifts... being "home" for Christmas this year was so special. I am the luckiest & most blessed girl to have such an amazing, generous family!

It has not slowed down even a little bit since Christmas. We spent the past 5 days painting almost every single room in our new house. I've got photos for you all, but you'll have to wait... my little hands cannot type one more word tonight ;o) Hope you enjoy the slide shows that I put together below! Happy New Year to all & to all a GOOD NIGHT!

Christmas Eve Photos

Christmas Day 2010 photos

McWilliams Christmas 2010 photos