Tuesday, October 2

our bean got some *bLiNg*

IMG_8981I don’t think that it was in mommy’s plan for Ardynn to get her ears pierced at age 2.  After all, she could barely accept that I got mine at age 4…. but Ardynn had a different idea.  Our little bean has been asking mommy for weeks about getting her “e-rings”.  She would constantly point to my ears or mommy’s ears & say, “e-rings, pitty” (aka: “earrings pretty) or “ah-den, e-rings, ok!?” (aka: “ardynn earrings, ok!?”).  One Saturday afternoon, daddy finally offered to take her to the mall to get her ears pierced… and she jumped at the idea.

Needless to say, she was a wee bit more skittish when we actually made her sit in the chair, but all in all – she was great.  She easily let the ladies clean ‘n’  mark her ears & she didn’t even flinch as they put the little guns up to her.  Now, I’m not going to lie… just after they shot those suckers into her lobes, she let out a scream that I am quite sure they heard all the way at the food court… but it only lasted a few minutes & she was all better.

Our little bean looks a little more grown up these days with some “bling” on her pretty little ears.  I still don’t think mommy knows what to think about it all, but the bean is super proud of her studs & loves the way they “parkle” (aka: sparkle). 



IMG_8971 IMG_8972



daddy’s birthday hunt no.33

IMG_8967We went out to Miles for daddio’s birthday no.33 last month.  You know, his birthday is very fitting… it falls on opening weekend of dove season just about every year, and for daddy – that couldn’t be more perfect.  This year, I got to try out my new bb gun, too!  Daddy shot birds; I shot targets (well – attempted to shoot targets).  We love to head out to the ranch… ride around on the golf carts… & see the horses.  Daddy had a great birthday with family, doing just about his favorite thing on the planet – dove hunting.






IMG_8913 IMG_8914 IMG_8916










IMG_8961  IMG_8970

ardy hits the gym, too!

I’m not the only gymnast in the family, ya know… Ardynn has been going to parent & tot class at CVG for a good while now.  She does great MOST of the time… as long as they don’t try to stifle her gymnastics creativity (aka: keep her from doing exactly what she wants, when she wants).  Here are some shots of us at her class.  I like to tag along & show her the “proper technique”.  She still needs a hand from the big sis every once in a while! :o)

IMG_8450 IMG_8452 IMG_8454