Wednesday, September 10

sharing & shakin' it

For the past few days, I have been sharing my toys 'n' things with mom & dad. Yeah, yeah - so I don't really understand the concept of sharing yet (wadda you people expect from an eight month old?), but if mom holds out her hand... I'll usually give her whatever I am holding. In the 1st video below, I am playing with my basket of socks.... one of my favorite pastimes. You'll see me pass the socks back and forth a few times. What can I say?.... I'm just "little miss sunshine" - like my t-shirt says!

Also... I've been shakin' the toshie my momma gave me. Sometimes, a girl just gets the urge to bust a move & so.... I DO! There's not much technique to my dancing yet - just a lot of bouncing up and down while standing against something. Honestly - there's not even any music on most of the time... but who needs music - I make my own! .... perhaps mom & dad have misunderstood this for dancing & I am really doing squats, so I'll have a toned, rock hard bottom... you be the judge!

Oh - and just for kicks.... here are a few pictures that I took with Mia on Monday. She came over for a dinner party, because her daddy's out of town. Don't be sad, girl... he'll be home, soon & then you'll be ready to get rid of him again ;o)...he he he! Just joking... I love you, Uncle Bill!

If you look really closely at this pic - you can see that Mia's got her 5th tooth poking through on top. No fear, my dear - I know a really great dentist. Now if yours truly could get some more teeth - that'd be great.... maybe for Christmas, Santa???

Sunday, September 7

toilet paper & waves

That's right... you heard it... I like to beat on toilet paper... so what's it to you? Ha! Can you tell that I'm struggling for a good story tonight? Anyway... I did have a blast with the TP pack tonight, so mom caught a little bit of it on video for you.

I am also still perfecting my princess wave. Until just the past few days, mom has not been convinced that I know what I'm doing... but it's becoming more clear to her now. She waves at me and I wave back. What a concept, huh? Come on mom... give me a little credit. If you check out the 2nd video below, I will wave at YOU, too!

Oh - and how could I forget?... daddy got a new camera for his birthday, so he's been playing around with it today... I included a few goofy new pix. You'll see a few of me checking out dad's dirty shoes and a few of me with my sisters (aka: doggies). In a couple of the pictures, I am looking at mom's baby pictures. Mom got them out to see if I look like she did... It might be a little hard to see, but you be the judge of that... wadda you think???

Whoa... hold on just a second... is that ME or MOMMY????