Saturday, September 25

sassy pink "jaummas"

I am most certain that just about anyone who spends any time around yours truly would agree that I am a wee bit "sassy". I have no shame... it's true... I walk with a shake in my toosh, I have not met one bug that I like, I am no fan of having dirty hands or feet, and I am dyyyyying for my mommy to let me go to ballet. Now... you also may have noticed that mom does not often dress me in frilly pink outfits, but every once in a while... she finds something that shows off even more of my prissyness. Tonight after our baths, mom noticed that Ardynn and I were both wearing the most ADORABLE, frilly, coordinating "jaummas" (aka: pajamas)... and what do ya know - she just had to, had to, had to go downstairs & get the camera. Hope you enjoy the results of our late night photo shoot... we were fresh out of the bath & smelling even better than we look!

I have also included some other photos, most importantly are the ones from our visit to Austin last weekend to see Great Grandma & Baby Hudson. Our trip was a wonderful one... mom, Ardynn, and I spent an entire day with Great Grandma Susie on Friday, while daddy & Popi were in San Antonio for work. It was grand to be able to spend some quality time with her. We played for a while at her house, went to eat at a yummy Mexican restraunt, and visited with Aunt Lora & Uncle Marty. On Saturday... I was OVER THE MOON excited about being able to see Baby Hudson. (As a little bit of background on the matter... I have been no less that obsessed with Baby Hudson over the past few months.... ever since Sarah's baby shower at our house, I have been a little confused about why Hudson had not come out of her belly yet... I have included him in my prayer time nightly and each time we would head out for a play date... I would ask mom with anticipation.... "and Baby Hudson be there!!??!!") So you will understand that I was less than the perfect 2 year old when I came down with a fever, runny nose, and cough on Friday.... and was not able to go into Jon & Sarah's house to hold Baby Hudson in my well-practiced baby holding arms. While mom and Arydynn spent time loving on the brand new, teeny weeney, red-headed dreamboat, daddy took me to do a little shopping, so I suppose it wasn't all bad. I did get to see Baby Hudson from a distance a couple of times... he's mighty cute! Much love & many blessings to Sarah, Jon, & Baby H... we are so very happy for all of you & hope you are getting a littl sleep!

Last, but certainly NOT least.... I feel that I have not done the best job at showcasing my phenomenal sister and her cuteness lately. She has begun to develop quite a little personality, so I wanted to show you a quick video clip or two of her. Remember peeps... she is still small, so there are not too many exciting things she can do yet... in other words, don't have super high expectations for how captivating these videos are... ha! But there is NO ARGUING... exciting or not - she's a DOLL!