Friday, August 22

1st big boo boo

I suppose it was bound to happen at some point, but needless to say - I have not been looking forward to it! I crashed & burned into the end table last night while standing. It made a pretty good goose-egg & I cried for a few seconds, but I forgot pretty quickly.

Until this morning, that is.... when I woke up with an assortment of black 'n' blue colors on my forehead. It really stinks, too, because I have a wedding to attend this weekend in Knoxville... a girl's worst nightmare, eh? Oh well... I am sure it's one of many bumps and bruises. I heard mom mention that she'd try to cover it up with one of her big bows :o)... ha ha! Good luck, mom... I placed this one smack over my right eye... you'll need to make one BIG bow!

As you'll see in the videos, though, it has not really slowed me down... I was moving around & talking up a storm tonight!

Tuesday, August 19

modeling is tough work

Mom & dad took me to have my picture taken today. Whew - modeling is tough work, but I guess someone has to do it. I mean seriously - they don't take enough pictures of me on a day to day basis, so thank goodness - now there will at least be a few pictures for posterity :o) ha!

Honestly - it was quite humorous. Every man, lady, and dog at the studio was dancing around and acting like a drunk clown, trying to get me to smile. To be quite honest, I was not really in the mood today. I gave them a few grins occasionally, just to keep them off of my back, but for the most part... I just flashed them the looks they deserved - those of a confused, scared, & shocked 7 month old. What a bunch of weirdos!

Well... I have not been offered a job yet, but if anyone has any hook ups with Gerber or Fisher Price... send em' my way! Ha Ha... just kidding, but enjoy just a FEW of the pictures we got today!

Monday, August 18

just messin' around...

Well, due to the impatient demands of some of my frequent viewers (I'll name no names), I have decided to add a few new videos to the blog. Although the content of these videos are not of anything that I find particularly exciting, I'm told that you might think otherwise, so I'm adding them strictly for your viewing pleasure :o)

Take a look at these videos & catch a glimpse into a day of playing with me. I won't go into any detail about what they contain (as it's not much). They're just silly old snipits. I know that you can hardly withold the excitement, huh?! Ha Ha! I love you all! xoxo

happy 7 months, mia!

I would like to give a shout-out to my bestest bud, Mia. Yesterday was her 7 month birthday and I completly forgot to wish her a good one when I saw her at church - shame on me! .... hope it was great, girlfriend!!!

This picture is from last month, when we both turned 6 months & Mia's Mimi had a pool party for us.... But then again, every day is a party with Grier & Mia, right?