Monday, September 7

wowzas - i've imporved my moves!

So, back in the day... when I was just a tiny little thing... I already liked to shake my tooshy! I've been told that from the time I could crawl, I would cruise over to the tv stand, pull my little shaky body to a standing position, and dance away. Music or no music... I was a dance machine.

The tradition continues, because I still love to show off my moves. These days, I love to be-bop to the music of the "Fresh Beat Band" on Noggin (a kiddo TV channel - for those of you not familiar with toddler television). Mom catches me rockin' out while eating breakfast almost every day.

I've included a couple of videos for your viewing pleasure... one is from last September, when I was only 8 months old. You'll see that even then - I bounced to the groove of my own music. The 2nd video is from a few days ago... a full year later - & you'll definitely be able to see my improvement. I may not be a pro, but you should agree that I've at least progressed from strictly up & down movement... to up, down, side-to-side, ... and even a few twirls! enjoy!

PS... also included a few photos from this past weekend... I had a blast swimming with one of my Uncle Bryan's labs - Sasha. That dog's a master swimmer! Mom also caught some of me bursting bubbles, too. Hope you all had a fantastic Labor Day Weekend!