Saturday, July 16

a fabulous flag-flying FOURTH!

I have been quite the lazy blogger lately… I really don’t even know where to begin, so I will start where the majority of the photos lead…. to the 4th of JULY! As always… we prepared by decorating our casa with lots of red, white, & blue during the week before the fourth… complete with a flag-lined sidewalk, paper lIMG_2908anterns in festive patterns, red gingham bows for the pots outside, & a little bit of handmade bunting (glued together by none other than yours truly -with an ever so slight amount of help from mommy).

On the morning of the fourth, we made our 3rd appearance at the Santa Rita Homeowners Association’s Annual Independence Day Kiddo Parade. Our wagon & my baby stroller were decked out with a big punch of patriotic gear for the big event. Just as I had planned… I started out pushing my own little babies, Ohmo, Hatti, & Juli (better known as “the triplets”), in the parade, but after a very long first block… I was pooped & assumed my spot in the stroller with Ardynn. As most of you know… I am not often jumping at the chance to stand-out in a big crowd, so riding in the wagon was a little more my style. Ardynn, on the other hand, was waving & smiling at all of the parade-watchers… she’s quite the ham. Our little “tussin” (aka: cousin), Baby June (“Juneybug” in my book) was in town this year & she also joined us in her very own star-n-stripe-studded wagon. What a cutie patotie she is!

After the morning parade & a brunch at our house, we got to visit with the Lambs, who were in town for their own fourth festivities. Little Hudson is on the move and is waaaay bigger than I remembered him to be. He and Ardynn made a darIMG_2855n cute couple out on our front lawn… check out all of the pix of the two of them in the front yard.

In the afternoon, we headed out to Gingi & Popi’s house for more fourth festivities. Great-Grandma & Great-Grandpa, as well as lots of my aunts, uncles, & “tussins” were here from Abilene. I swam, jet-skied, and ate until just after the fireworks show, whe n I begged mommy to take me to Gingi’s bed, so that I could “west” (aka: rest). I am told that I was snoring before my little noggin’ hit the pillow… I passed out wearing my shoes, my flashing star necklace, and all. Ardynn was the life of the party – staying up until we finally left for home just after 11pm. That girl is so busy these days… she doesn’t want to miss one second of one little activity that anyone might or might not be doing. To use my favorite string of adverbs these days….. she is super, super, super, super, super, super, super, super, suuuuuuuuuuper busy.

I’d feel safe saying that it was a mighty fun day. I hope your fourth was filled with fun & blessings. God Bless the USA & thanks to our hard-working, dedicated troops who fight for our freedom to fly our grand flag!

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