Thursday, October 1

am i talented?... or am i talented?

Ok, ok... so you're right - most people would not call this stuff talent, but at least this girl ain't skeered to try new stuff! I thought you guys might like to see a few random videos of me from this week. You'll notice in the first few, that I am wearing one of my gymnastics leotards. If ever I spot one around the house, I get the urge to put it on immediately. I've been doing my "gymnastics walk" a lot, too (tippy toes with my arms over my head)..... oh, yeah - I'm pretty good at it!

There is not much explaining to do for these videos - they're just silly snippets. The first is of my"gymnastics walk". The second is of my new "dog calling" technique. The third is of me getting Keecha to give me a high five. The last is of me being SUPER SILLY - make sure you watch all the way to the end, when I get curious about the camera & mom turns the view-finder around, so I can see myself in the video camera!!!

Hope you enjoy & hope you all have a great weekend!

PS - this photo is from last October... it's one of mom's all-time favorite photos of my precious little self, so I thought I'd throw it in, since we didn't have any new photos from this week to include here! Just a reminder... FALL IS HERE (now where are the lower temps???)