Tuesday, January 25

she's finding her feet

Gee Wizzo... it seems like mom and dad have been filming uncontrollably over the last few weeks... trying to catch our Ardynn Jessee as she transitions herself from a super crawler to a two-footed pedestrian like the rest of the big people world. She certainly has not mastered walking yet, but the bean is starting to stand up against everything she can get her little hands on... even letting go for a few seconds at a time every once in a while. Just this week she has
learned to shuffle across the living room floor behind the walker (I suppose you might label it "walking with a lot of help"). It's exciting to see her giving it a big fat whole-hearted try, even if she's far from letting go of the walker. A few other new talents the bean has discovered lately: drinking from a straw, dumping the doggy's bowls, and clapping her hands in excitement.

I have included a couple of videos of her two-foot travels below. There is also a video of me standing on mommy's hands (one of my favorite show-off things to do these days) and a video of the bean and me rocking out to Justin Bieber. The others are not of really anything important... just us crazy peeps around the house. The photos are also random ones from the past couple of weeks. We have been all kinds of nutty busy, so I have not had a ton of time to spend on the computer... sorry peeps... I will attempt to be better ;o) Happy Tuesday!