Saturday, November 15

i'm getting closer to the 'w' word...

No, no - not my wedding.... WALKING. Actually, I am not so sure I'd call it walking, in fact - it is probably closer to graceful falling than walking, but nonetheless... I can take a couple of steps by myself. I have really improved my skills with my walker, but I'm just starting to venture out on my own, and honestly, I don't do it much at all, unless mom & dad coax me. Like I said - I'm no pro, so don't expect much, but the day is getting closer - watch out world! You can see for yourself in the first 2 videos below. In the third video, you can see a shot of my new goofy face (the one mom spoke of in the previous post). Kellye says it is my Elmer Fudd face... ha! I am quite the little ham & make my "Elmer Fudd" face ALL of the time now... notice I even have the sound effects down, too.

Also included are a few pictures from tonight... how do you like my darling new coat? My sweet Granna sent it to me & boy am I glad she did, because it was cooooold out there today! They are forecasting some snow flurries for Nashville tonight - woo hoo!

Tuesday, November 11

ok, ok... i'm a wee bit goofy

Mom thought this picture was just too cute not to share. I've been making this face for a couple of weeks now when I get excited, or when I'm just being goofy. It is usually accompanied by a funny noise that I make, too. She has tried a million times to catch me on camera... so I finally gave her the shot she's been hoping to capture. Lucky her.

Sunday, November 9

uncle 'n' cuz visit & "walking" with some help

Whoa baby - what a weekend - - I'll try to give you the condensed version. My great uncle Mike & cousin Jerrod came to Nashvegas for a short visit. We maxed out our 1 day yesterday, so that they (and I) could see the city... included in our day: Country Music Hall of Fame, Broadway Street, Ryman Auditorium, Tennessee State Capitol, Opryland Hotel, Grand Ole Opry, and the Gibson Guitar Outlet. By the end of the day, I was pooped.. see the sleepy picture below. We had an awesome time & are so glad they came to see us. Anyone else want to come visit??? You can have my bed - hard mattress, bars, and all!

Today, I finally started walking behind my walker. I've been able to walk holding onto someone's finger or a piece of furniture for a long time, but a couple of weeks ago, mom bought me a walker, so I could practice more. I was not sure about that crazy contraption & anytime it starting moving on me, I'd plop my bottom down to the ground. But - just today... I figured out that walking with it is not so bad. In fact - I kinda liked it. I started by taking a few steps, but within a few minutes... I was trucking it across the floor... I keep going until I run into an obstacle. Enjoy the pix from this weekend & videos of me "walking"!