Monday, November 15

hide your toys... secure your dolls... ardynn's on the move

Geezo - what a difference a week can make! The little bean went from rocking back and forth on her knees to full out crawling in a matter of days... watch out, peeps! You can see the cute little pipsqueak in action in the videos below. She has been making it a few scoots for a few days now, but just this morning she decided she was tired of watching me play with all of the toys - - she's out to steal them all from me now... we'll see how well I can share!!?? Don't be nervous, mommy - I am an excellent toy sharer (wink, wink). Hope you enjoy seeing the videos of her below... mom took them while I was at "school", so you'll miss hearing my voice, but I guess it is still worth the watch.

I have also included a few random pics from the past couple of weeks. Baby Hudson came home to visit San Angelo for the first time last weekend, so we got to see his darling little mooshy face at his ShuShu's house. She has a FABULOUS back yard with gorgeous trees. It sprawls out down to the river & is the perfect place for a toddler to roam around & have a ball. Mom & Sarah got some pretty smokin' cute shots of us kiddos in the back yard... Sarah got more than mom, but below you can see a little of how much fun we had playing with the Lambs! The other photos of yours truly are from last Sunday. Gingi took me to a tea party at the Cactus Hotel, so I got all dolled up & we had a girls' afternoon.... thanks, Gingi!... lots of memories were made ;o)