Wednesday, May 11

we’ve got ourselves a 2-footer

… we have a 2-footer living in our house now! Little Ardynn finally decided to make the move to a 2-footed walker like the rest of us big peeps. As I mentioned in a previous post, she started walking during the week before Easter (around 13 months old)… and I am finally getting around to posting some videos of her skills.

These pix & video clips are from yesterday. We dressed the bean up in a gymnastics leo to see how she’d look. Mom had some of me in the same leo from when I was a wee little bit, too… so she thought it might be fun to compare. Take a look at the photos & enjoy the videos below.

YEEEEE HAAAAAW… There’s no stopping her now!!!


these are of me (@ 13 months) and Ardynn (@14 months)… can you tell who is who???

(hint: they are alternating… starting with yours truly)

mth12 422IMG_6563mth12 420IMG_6562

mth12 419IMG_6564mth12 430IMG_6575

mth12 421IMG_6570mth12 427IMG_6565

mth12 426 IMG_6577mth12 423IMG_6574


these photos are from this morning… the Good Lord finally sent us San Angeloans a little bit of RAIN!! wooo hooo! Ardynn & I enjoyed watching it fall from the sky. It’s pretty sad to say that this is probably the first time she’s ever seen a descent amount of rain fall here in San Angelo. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long… we are still in desperate need of rain down hither, so please keep Texas in your prayers!!

IMG_6586 IMG_6591 IMG_6592

oh… and the bean is a climber, too…. yikes!