Tuesday, December 15

Isn't the little rascal cute?

I know, I know... enough of me - you wanna see some pix of my new brother or sister, right?? Well - you're in luck! Last Friday, I went with mommy & daddy to the sonogram. My new baby bro or sis is pretty darn cute... I think he/she looks a little like me... what do you think? Ok - so, I will admit that these 4-d photos probably don't do my new sibling justice, but use your imagination & you'll see that this kid is precious!

All was great at the doctor appointment & sonogram... the baby is growing beautifully... he/she is a little smaller than average, but all of the parts checked out fantastically. I was once again amazed to see the "hawt" (aka: heart) on the screen... we also saw that little booger sucking his/her thumb a few times.... smart kid!

I've also included a couple of photos of mommy & her belly... these were taken on her birthday last week... she's seems to be growing just as well as the baby ;o)