Wednesday, March 2

this tooth was made for munching

Well... as a daughter & grandgirl of a dentist, you would think that our bean would overacheive in the tooth department, but .... I suppose only God has a hand in that matter, because Ardynn is a little over a week from her first birthday, and she still only has one tiny toothie residing in that mouth of hers. It does not seem to be slowing her down any in the food department, though.... take a look at the massacre she performed on some black beans over this past weekend. Her nickname around our house is "Bean" for more than one reason ;o) Also - if you look very closely at a few of thes pictures, you might catch a glimpse of her lone chomper.

After the mad slaughter of innocent frijoles, we decided that she could not take a nap looking such a mess, so we tossed her into the sink for some much needed scrubbing. I am going to attempt to sneak a few of these bath photos past my daddy... he is not a fan of me posting bathtime pics of his baby girls... but I think the ones that I have chosen aren't toooo revealing... just enough to embarrass the bean someday... hehe!

I am also attaching a video of our almost one year old bean... she has been standing by herself well for a while now, but is just finally starting to THINK about taking a few steps on her own. I don't have a great video, but this one will have to work for now.
Enjoy the photos & don't let them spoil your love for beans!

a few randoms from the past couple of weeks...