Friday, December 3

forgive me, Ardynn... our little grinch

Although you do not have a clue as to what I am about to divulge to the whole planet, my dear, beautiful Ardynn, I must go ahead & ask for your apologies ahead of time. Let me preface this statement by saying that you are quite possibly the most adorable doll baby there ever was... anyone who has read my posts & seen your beautiful little face would agree! You are all smiles about 99.9% of the time & mommy loves you for that (more than you'll ever know). But.... the 0.1% of the time that you are upset, you make a face that reminds mommy & daddy (and numerous others, who shall remain nameless) of none other than the cute baby Grinch baby on Dr. Seuss's How the Grinch Stole Christmas movie.

Like I said... you may some day hate me for this.... so I will go ahead and tell you that MOM MADE ME DO IT.... she said that I needed to document the good, the bad, & the ugly, so that some day - you could get a little chuckle out of it.

If it makes you feel any better, they compared me to Elmer Fudd when I was about your size. Just to soften the blow, I have included comparison photos of me, too. I love you, I love you, I
love you! Forgive me, please!?

isn't she the cutest grinch ever???

and although I think this is COMPLETELY UNFOUNDED....

a whole lotta tree trimmin'

How many trees does one family need you ask??... well, all I know is that my mom must think that 1 is not enough ;o) This week has been all about Christmas decorating... we did our lights outside & then our mini-tree (especially for Ardynn & me) & finished off with our big tree... it has taken us a few days to get it all up 'n' running, but things are looking an awful lot like Christmas around here!

On Sunday after church, mom got out her ornament crafty stuff & let me make my very own Christmas ornament... complete with as much glittery stuff as I could possibly find to add (I love me some sparkles!). After my hand-made ornament was complete, she let me decorate our little tree all by myself. I must say, I am thankful that almost all of my ornaments are plastic, because getting them hooked onto the branches can be a little tough for my hands... I only dropped every other one, though. Ardynn tried to help a little, but more than anything... she just wanted to dump out my basket of ornaments & eat all of them balls.... I guess that is a baby-thing!? What do you think of my finished product?? Not bad - not bad, at all.

Later this week, mom pulled out our first Christmas present & let me open it early. It was a pair
of Christmas pjs for Ardynn & me. Now, we can wear them every day until Christmas, so I think... you better get busy doing laundry daily, mom ;o)

Oh... and one more thing to add.... I am still a little skeptical about the cute little guy that showed up
on a shelf in the living room earlier this week. Do you people know anything about a little Christmas elf that comes to visit children's houses from the North Pole??.... and every night he returns back to report to Santa if I have been a good girl or a bad girl? After daddy ready me the book about The Elf on the Shelf, I went ahead and gave him a name - - - CHUCK (it started as Jingle Jake... then I changed it to Elfy... but finally decided that he looked more like a Chuck). I am still a little slow to approach him every day when I find his new hiding place... he makes me a little nervous with his "magic" and all, but he seems nice enough. I even got the courage to tell him that I would like for Santa to bring me a dollhouse & a ballerina baby yesterday night. Hopefully he'll relay the message to Santa.... and hopefully I can remain a perfect angel when I am in his presence ;o)

making my ornament

trimming our mini-tree

our new Christmas pjs

do you see little chuck's hiding spot on the mantle??? ;o)

Thursday, December 2

thank you, God... for our sweet Ardynn Jessee!

We baptized our sweet baby bundle in church last Sunday, and it was most certainly a day to remember! I got to go to big church & sit with our whole family. If I do say so myself, I behaved pretty well at my first shot at attending big people church). During the service, mommy & daddy took little Ardynn up to the front and baptized her with Pastor Steven. She was such a little doll... kicking and talking while all of the happenings were going on around her. I am not certain exactly what "baptism" is yet, but mommy explained it something like this.... we do it to show Ardynn how very much God loves her & how very much our family loves her, and that love will last forever & ever & ever & ever.... and that was a good enough explanation for me (at least for now) ;o) After the service, we took photos... so enjoy! Many thanks to Uncle Mike & Bebay for joining us... they were still in town after Thanksgiving, so it worked out perfectly that they could be there to join us in such a special occasion.

We love you oh so very very much, sweet Baby Ardynn.... what a precious child of God you are!

Ardynn's sweet dress was Bebay's christening gown & I wore it for my baptism, too!
pretty special, eh!?!?