Tuesday, January 19

the long awaited REMODEL update...

Mom finally decided to update her remodel slide show again, so I have posted a LINK to it below. Things are moving along steadily. We are so very blessed to have an amazing family who is willing to pitch in to help with our large project... it would not be possible for us to do all that we've done without each of them!!! Mom is dragging these days, as she is our "general contractor" and organizing all of the electricians, plumbers, painters, etc... along with making all kinds of decisions about layout & fixtures is proving to be more & more of a challenge every day, especially while 33 weeks pregnant & toting an "angel" of a 2-year old around to all to of the hardware/home improvement stores.

Anyhoo... as you all know, we've got a bundle of joy on the way, so we're all getting a little bit nervous about whether or not we'll make it into the house before he or she arrives. We are hoping to move back into our home within the next month. I cannot wait to have an actual home with an actual room again. It has been almost an entire year since I've had all of my things in my own room.... we're all looking forward to settling into this place... keep your fingers crossed!!!

Enjoy the updated slide show by clicking on the LINK below... mom will leave it on the LEFT as well, in case you want to keep checking back for more updates.

*** click HERE for the remodel slide show ***
**click once on the photo that pops up and then you will be able to scroll through the photos with your right & left arrow keys!