Sunday, February 19

pink icing for the ears

grierrings Monday was a grand day!!! … We had the day off of school, as the roads iced over on Sunday night… so mom, in a frenzy to find a dress for her valentine date with daddy, took us to the mall.  We pretty much NEVER go with mommy to the mall (three guesses why she doesn’t take us very often)… so while we were there, I took advantage of the situation and as we walked past the jewelry store, I told her I wanted to get my ears pierced.  She chuckled & said… “you want to do what?”  I repeated myself & assured her that even though I’d been turning daddy’s invitation for an ear piercing down for months… I was now ready for some bling.  I don’t really think mom thought I would do it, because we kept on walking past the store as she said… “ok, when we are on our way back to the car, we’ll stop & talk about it.”

As we ate our favorite Chick-fil-a lunch and did a little bit of browsing around the mall (with NO success at finding mom a dress, I might add), I kept talking about what kind of earrings I wanted.  Mommy started to get a wee bit nervous that I sounded more serious than she originally thought I was.  As we walked back in the direction of the jewelry store, I could barely contain my excitement.  We had to wait another hour before they could give me my new pair of jewels, so we played in the play area for a bit (poor Ardynn missed her entire nap).  Mom took the opportunity to call a few friends to make sure she wasn’t nuts for making such a spur-of-the-moment decision without daddy on board… they must’ve thought it was a great idea, because after an hour – we headed back for my jewels.

There is not a whole lot more to the story … after a little bit of deliberation, I decided on sweet little pink studs, mom signed a few papers,  I hopped up into her lap, & gave the little black bear a squeeze.  As the sweet girls prepared my ears for their “icing”… I didn’t make one peep.  I let the two ladies pop some pretty pink pizzazz into my lobes without so much as one tear; however, mommy just about lost it when she caught her first glimpse of me ‘n’ my new bling.  The only thing that bothered her almost as much as the fact that I was big enough to make this decision, was the fact that she didn’t have her camera!  (no surprise, eh?) … she only got a couple of pix with her camera phone & it was killing her!

After my new earrings were in their rightful place, mom let me pick out a few new pair of earrings (for later, of course) & we immediately headed for daddy’s office to give him a big fat surprise.  He could not have been more excited when he saw my ears…. he was beaming from ear to ear & told me that I was the most beautiful little girl in the world (not that he didn’t already tell me that every day of my little life).  I have been so great about reminding mommy to clean my ears morning & night… and I cannot WAIT for Easter - - - that’s when mommy told me I can change out my pink studs for some new icing :o)  I do feel a little more grown up now… what do you think?