Tuesday, January 27

send the brain waves this way...

... because tomorrow is daddy's first day of boards. I am sure you've read my previous posts, talking about how he's always "upstairs studying"... well it'll all pay off tomorrow & Thursday, when he walks in to ace his test!

Even though he doesn't need any luck... I thought it couldn't hurt to ask for all of you to send your brain waves this direction for the next couple of days. Only the smart brain waves, please... we don't need you sending the not-so-smart ones - only the good ones! ha, ha!

Included are a couple of pictures of me bugging daddy while he was trying to study today... you can see me trying to remove his ear-plugs in one of them, so he could hear me screaming... he he he! I am so very proud of you & how hard you've worked, daddy!!! I will let you borrow all of my smart brain cells for the test... mommy always says that I stole all of hers while she was prego, so I've got a few to spare! Break a leg tomorrow & Thursday! ♥x♥x♥x♥

Sunday, January 25

a shoe fetish already?... YES - a shoe fetish!

...yeah, yeah - so shoot me! After all, I am a girl... & if you know my daddy, you know that I had NO CHANCE! My daddy loooves shoes, almost as much as most girls do, so I was destined to appreciate their beauty & usefulness, too!

One of my very favorite pastimes is to drag all of my shoes & other various accessories (hats, bibs, headbands) out of my bottom drawer. Mom has stopped trying to keep me from doing it... after all, it gives her a chance to get something done, as I'll spend half of an hour digging my shoes out of the drawer... velcroing & un-velcroing... trying to put them on my feet... checking out all of the different colors of pleather... carrying them around the house... hitting Keecha with them. Oh - it's all too much fun!

Below is a video of me "trying on" one of my shoes. Gosh - I'm not so good at actually getting them onto my feet yet - but I think I should get an A for effort! Please excuse my messy drawer - mom has also stopped organizing it. Who needs organization?... I have more fun messing up things. You organized people need to live a little ☺...ha!