Monday, December 21

snazzy pants

Who knew garage sale items could be so FABULOUS!?!? A few days ago, Gingi was busy sorting through lots of my aunt Bebay's garage sale clothes & stuff, so I decided to "help" her! I am sure you'll agree from the photos... that I looked pretty darn snazzy strutting around in all of my finds... sassy, eh?!

I was plenty excited with the box of scarves... and the box of hats & belts, but a little bit later - Gingi broke open the box of Bebay's bags 'n' purses... and holy moly - - - it was like Christmas a week early! I filled both of my arms with purses...and when I could not hold any more on my little arms, I made Popi & Daddy hold some of them, so that I could try out every last one in the box!

Gingi let me keep several of the hats & scarves... and it took a lot of coaxing to get those hats off of my head over the weekend. I am so glad that Bebay has fabulous taste, because these are the best hand-me-downs EVER!!!