Wednesday, August 19

my one & only.... YaYa

Most of you are aware, or have deducted from my photos, that my little stuffed mermaid (known to the world as - SOCKY) is the love of my life. She was given to me before I was born by Mr. Troy Wilson at one of mommy's baby showers. At about 5 months, my mom & dad finally let her start sleeping in my crib with me..... and that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Socky has been with me through think & thin... she's been left at multiple stores (causing panic to many), she's gone swimming in the pond at Wasabi (a hibachi restaurant in Nashville), she's sat on Santa's lap, she's flown across the country several times, she's been with me each time at Mothers' Day Out, and she's even attended gymnastics classes. Socky goes just about everywhere I go.

"Socky" is one of the first words that I understood as a wee little bit.... when mom or dad would ask "where's Socky?"... I always knew just where to look or point. From the time I learned to crawl, Socky was the lure that people used to get me where they wanted me to go. You'll notice that I like to hold Socky's hand & suck my thumb... now that's the life!

When I was about 7 months old, mom & dad took me to a place that must've been a taste of heaven... the blabla store in Atlanta (FYI - blabla is the company who makes dolls like my sweet friend, Socky). We happened to be in Atlanta for a visit & when we found out that there was a store dedicated to blablas, we had to check it out! There were so many friends in all different shapes & sizes... I didn't know how to act... I kicked at squealed & wanted to hold all of them. Needless to say - we left with a couple of "back-up" Sockys & even a fun frog blabla, too. I now have a heard of mermaids... they all take their place on my bed each night.

As I've been learning to say more & more new words... the word "Socky" just did not seem fitting for my friend. Instead, I have decided to call her "YaYa". Don't even try to get me to say "Socky"... because I'll promptly correct your mistake, and let you know that her name is "YaYa". I am not sure where it came from, and frankly - I don't much care. All I know is that YaYa & I are both happy with her new name... so everyone better get used to it! There is no doubt - YaYa is going to be a part of our family for a LONG time to come!

*PS... for the first time, one of my YaYas is missing (yes... I have a few backups)...
so if you see a dirty old stuffed mermaid floating around in San Angelo, there just might be a BIG REWARD in it for you - - - if she's returned unharmed*

Below are some photos of me 'n' YaYa... enjoy!

Monday, August 17

so... there's something growing in there?

I'm a bit puzzled by the newest rumor around my house. I am being told that mommy is growing something in her tummy. Honestly, at this point... the only things that I really know about MY tummy is that it holds my food, it is super ticklish, and it is where I can find my belly button... so I realize that I may not be an expert on all things "tummy", but I do find it a bit weird that daddy touches mommy's tummy & says "baby" at the same time... hmmm!? I have been warned that soon my life will change forever.

From what I have gathered, I think that there will be a new baby coming to live with us... sometime around March 8, 2010. Mom went to the doctor about a week ago & she's 11 weeks pregnant as of today. Gosh.. I hope this new munchkin is as much fun as my baby dolls! :o)

Mom & dad broke the news to the grandparents back on July 3rd, but did not want me to make a big stink about it on my blog until now. That night, the whole family was over to help with house stuff & to help decorate my 4th of July float... so the timing was perfect. Mom threw together a t-shirt for me to wear that said "big sis" and when the grandparents were least expecting it... I made an outfit change. They were all so excited & pretty shocked... see the photos below. I guess this is a good thing - - everyone that we tell seems to think so!?!?

If you've seen the remodel slide show (to the left)... you know that a wall was removed between 2 large closets upstairs. That's going to be my new brother or sisters nursery (not an office, like was said.... sneaky, eh?). Like I said... I am not sure what all of this craziness means yet, but I have a feeling it'll be fun & nutty all at the same time!

Oh no.... does this mean I have to share my blog????

my new friend, sydney

On Saturday night, mom & dad's old pals, Justin & Ashley, invited us over for dinner. We'd been trying to make plans since the time we got here, but have been slammed with so many other things - this was the first time we all made it work.

The evening was such a blast... Sydney is about 6 weeks younger than I am, so we make great buddies. I had met her once before, when we were about 5 & 6 months old (you can see those photos below) ... I don't much remember that meeting, but this time - it was quite a memorable experience.

Sydney had all kinds of new, fun toys & I was super preoccupied by them all... she was so nice to share everything with me. Ashley made us some mac 'n' cheese & got us some fun little toys to play with for the night. Sydney also showed me her discovered "hiding place" in the cabinets in her bathroom.... we pulled every single pillow out onto the floor & played on the pillows & in the cabinets for a good hour or so.

We all had so much fun & I can't wait to see Sydney again. Too bad our house isn't more presentable, or I'd have them over tomorrow for more mac 'n' cheese! :o)

(above) last July - when I met Sydney for the first time

(below) more photos from Saturday night... playing with the pillows & cabinets
*many thanks to Miss Ashely, for taking pix this time... silly mom forgot our camera*