Friday, January 2

happy 1st christmas & merrrrrry new year!

So... did you think I was never coming back to fill you in on all of my first Christmas happenings? Well, it has been a crazy couple of weeks, so I've had a hard time finding the time to sit down & write this lengthy post (not to mention it's about to get even more wild 'n' wacky tomorrow at my birthday party), but I'll give her a go.
As you heard, we had a little scare on the night before we left for Texas. Daddy drove up to the gas station around 10.30 to get some gas, so we could leave REALLY early without stopping. When he tried to start his car after gassing up, it wouldn't start. I was already asleep, so mom had to wake me from my sweet dreams & load me up in the BITTERLY cold weather to go & jump daddy's car. Unfortunately, no amount of jumping would help his poor shorted out battery, so after calling for Doodah's advice, we then had to head to the nearest auto parts store to find a new one. Now if you know my daddy... you probably could guess that his patience was a little thin when he was out at midnight - trying to fix a car (not exactly his forte) that we were supposed to drive across country the next day. But... as always, after another trip home to get more tools & MORE CLOTHES, he was a hero & pulled through for us all.... mommy held the flash light, while I slept in my car seat. It put us a little behind on our trip the next morning, as we needed some rest & decided to sleep later than we'd planned... but it didn't crimp our style much.
On the trip to Texas... I was a verrrry good girl (well... that Santa guy was on his way & I didn't want to give him any reason not to stop by my grandparents' houses). We had not planned on it, but drove the whole 16 hours in one day & were home in San Angelo by around 2am. Oi!!!

Our Christmas vacation somewhat resembled the movie we watched later... National Lampoon's, I think it was called :o)... with all kinds of fun family, lots of good food, & tons of memories. I iced cookies at Gingi's (and ate them, too), went to lunch with mom's old gymnasts, did some filing/paperwork at Popi's (and soon to be daddy's) office, attended Christmas Eve service at Sierra Vista, unwrapped lots of goodies, went to a flag football benefit (where daddy played like a champ), unwrapped more goodies, ate, ate, and ate, had a big family Christmas with Granna's family at Doodah's, unwrapped even more goodies, and ended it all with a big BASH for Popi & Gingi's 40th wedding anniversary. Whew - what a fantastic week.... please tell me again - WHY do we only do this once a year????

Our trip back home to Tennessee was good, too. Gingi & Popi rode back with us, so we rented a small UHAUL (yes... you did read that correctly - Uhaul) to bring back all of our luggage & all of my new TOOOOOOYS! We stopped to stay with Bebay in Fort Worth & then headed out for home the next morning. I was feeling a little under the weather, so once again... I slept almost the entire day in the car. Thanks for ALL of the prayers... we are so thankful that our car trips were uneventful & that we made it back home safely. This Christmas was definitely one to remember.... and that Santa guy........oh baby, the hype was right..... love you, big guy - come back soon!!!!!
***videos to come SOON... it'll take a little while, as nothing has slowed down since we got back here.... more presents & another party are on the way tomorrow.... YIPPIE!
eating my 1st Taco Bueno burrito during a stop in Little Rock on the 1st leg of the trip

lunch with mommy's gymnasts & my future coach, Todd :o)

being goofy, icing Christmas cookies, & swingin' in the cold

pictures at church on Christmas Eve
watching the Grinch with my buddy Gigi
4 steps: shake gift, untie ribbon, rip paper, open box..... I've got it down!!!
with Doodah, Granna, & Uncle Brandon

with Popi & Gingi

with Bebay & Uncle Bryan

my 1st dolly, my bumble bee scooter, & my sandy the rocking snail

digging in my stocking, kissin' my sock monkey (1 of them), &playing w. my new learning table

my new goody bag w. my name on it & my very 1st gnome from popi

bebay, mommy, & daddy looking for the pickle on gingi's tree

Daddy playing football at the 3rd Annual San Angelo Bowl benefit game
playing on my new laptop, just like my great uncle joel... and the whole McWilliams clan

pictures from Popi & Gingi's anniversary bash
the food & popi blowing out his 60 candles..... whew!