Saturday, February 14

hope u had a happy ♥ day!

For the second year in a row... we celebrated Valentine's Day with our good friends, the Johnsons.... you know - my buddy, Mia & her family! They were so gracious to invite us this year (& last year) to join them in their tradition of making crab legs... and boy are they YUMMMO (or at least that's what everyone tells me)... Mia & I got stiffed, as usual, because it was too late in the day to try such a high-allergy food. Blah, blah!

But I will say - our little dinners were not too shabby, either... mom made us some PINK mac 'n' cheese (yes - I said PINK) and Kellye made us the bestest part - cherry jello for dessert. All around - dinner was fabuloso. We also had a great time playing with the fridge alphabet magnets (as always), taking a bath together, and opening our valentine gifts from one another (Mia got me my first "real" with a clip, not a headband - you can see in the picture).... can you believe that I have enough hair for it?!?

Our moms & dads were talking a little bit about last year's dinner & how different this one was. Below are a couple of videos... one from last year & one from this year. Last year's video will be SURE to give you a chuckle or two!... we've often considered sending it to America's Funniest Home Videos - ha! You can read the caption above the video below for more info. Enjoy!

Thank you, thank you Aunt Kellye, Uncle Bill, & Mia - for letting us barge in on your "romantic" evening of crab legs. It was the perfect Valentine's Date & we are already bummed that we won't be able to carry on the tradition next year. We have so many wonderful memories from our 2 dates. I miss it already!

Happy ♥ Day to all of you!
hugs 'n' kisses, too!

♥♥♥The video below was taken last year on Valentine's Day (2008) at Mia's old house. We were just wee little bits... I was about 6 weeks old & Mia was about 4 weeks.... this was one of our first dinners together. In this video, our silly parents were trying to prop us up on the couch for a photo or two. You'll see that my balance was not quite what it is now... I was snuggling with (aka: falling onto) my buddy & you'll notice that she was none too happy about it.... & looking back at it now - I can't say I blame her! For those of you who knew both of us back then, you might remember that this video shows an uncharacteristic side of both of us.... I was normally the one screaming & Mia was usually a little more relaxed... but nonetheless - - it makes for some great entertainment!♥♥♥

It is a little long, but make sure that you make it all the way to the END for the FUNNIEST PART!!!!

The video below is from tonight... gosh we've changed :o)

Thursday, February 12

a wee bit of booty shakin' & baby feedin'

It has been a while since I showcased my beautiful dance technique.... and I simply didn't think it was right to keep you waiting any longer... so after my dinner tonight - I busted out with some new moves for you.

You'll notice that I've stepped it up a little in the difficulty department. Not only do I go up & down, but I also throw in a little bit of side-to-side action... and even some nice fluid arm movements to tie it all together. Please excuse the videographer... she could not contain her giggles, so unfortunately you'll have to ignore the bouncing camera.

There is also a small video of me feeding my baby. My Aunt Sissy, Trish, & Cheyenne sent me a Cabbage Patch just after I was born last year.... and we finally pulled her out of my closet. I am quite the nurturing type, if I do say so myself. Ok - well most of the time - as long as you don't pay attention to the fact that I carry her around by her tuft of hair & that I toss her aside after just a few minutes. Give me a break - my attention span of 2 minutes is right on track, per all of the books & websites. ☺

The pictures are from today, too. You guys know how much I love my buddy, Keecha - right?! I chase her around all day long - trying to hug her. I am also figuring out that if I put my hand out, she'll give me a HIGH 5... you can see it in one of these.

Enjoy the videos & pictures... I am sorry the posts have been few & far between lately. My mom's keeping me busy with getting our house ready for showings... boy things are nuts around here these days & time flies... even when you're NOT having fun. ha!