Saturday, August 9

a busy, busy day!

Good Grief... I don't even know where to begin - it's been another big day for me.

First of all... mom's been trying to get a good picture of my chompers for a couple of days now. Today - I finally hammed it up enough & gave her a big smile. In the picture to the left, you can see that my daddy & my popi have a new patient... if you look closely, you'll notice my 2 brand new pearly whites poking through on the bottom! (you can also click on the picture to get a close up). I suppose it's time to start brushing & flossing, eh?

Ok - so now for the good stuff. Mom & dad took me for yet another walk this evening. We go on walks all of the time, however... this time, we walked near a park.... and did you know, they have these fantastic things called SWINGS! I don't think they had planned on letting me go for a ride, but thank goodness they did. I had a BLAST! They did have the regular camera, but unfortunately did not have the video camera... Bummer! However - they did try to take a GHETTO video with their regular camera. It's sideways & a little grainy, but you can still check it out. They did not get the part where I was laughing & kicking like crazy, but you can still tell that I was absolutely LOVING the swings. We need to go back there really soon!

When we got home from walking, I ate dinner & then my daddy decided I needed a bath (especially since I soaked up all of the germy wormies on the swing set at the park- ha!) So - he got me undressed & put me into my crib, so that he could run my bath water. I suppose he figured that I'd be safest in the crib, since I'm crawling around like a mad woman these days. Little did he know... I had another surprise in store for him! He came back into my room to get me, and I was STANDING UP in my crib. Ha! Although I was naked... of course, they could not resist taking pictures. So - you can see me standing up in my crib. Mom tried to get an angle where not all of my parts were visible. So - not only am I crawling now... I'm pulling myself up, too! Gosh things are getting crazy around here!

In addition to all of this madness, mom also thought it would be a good idea to do a photo shoot earlier today, so just for kicks... I included a few of the pictures she got. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 6

scootin' along

Woo Hoo... the day is finally here... I'm crawling! I've been toying with the idea of crawling for a couple of weeks now, but as of the last day or two.... I'm off to the races! Ok, ok - so I could not really win any races with my speed, but the tortoise always beats the hare, right?!

I started out with a small crawl (if you can call it that) last night at Mia's house (see the 1st video). Then today, the parentals were trying to catch me on tape all day, but you know me - I'm so camera shy, and did not want to show off too much with the tape rolling - ha! It was quite humorous... you should have seen them... they were coaxing me with all kinds of things: food, toys, cell phones, remote controls, our 2 dogs. Honestly.. I just waited until they were least expecting it - and then took off across the floor. The 2nd video shows my skills nicely.

Finally... I was beyond pooped, so I crawled a little way, found my "socky," and tried to catch some zzz's on the living room floor. I believe they got that one on tape, too.

Well peeps... it's bedtime... I'm hitting the sack, so I can scare my parents some more tomorrow by playing the disappearing baby trick. They can't catch me now!

Tuesday, August 5

bikini beach babe

So - I took another short vacation from blogging to go to the beach last week...I know, I know - life is rough for this little 7 month old, eh? And yes... this meant another road trip - UGH! This time we drove to Destin, FL with Popi, Gingi, and Aunt Bebay.

The beach house we had was awesome... we could walk off of our balcony - right onto the beach. There were fun things to do all around our place in Seagrove... we ate at some great restaurants (where I sat in my first highchair at the table), did a little shopping (all for me, of course), ate some more snow cones, and went for walks to look for sea shells. But for the most part - I practically lived on the beach.... either playing
with toys in my baby pool or hitting the waves with mom & dad. I must say that my new tan is certainly top notch. The sound of the ocean was the best part of the whole deal - it mesmerized me & I slept "like a baby" listening to those waves.. ha!

Check out some of the pix & videos from our stay at the beach. Many thanks to Popi & Gingi for a very relaxing vacation.... and for spoiling me rotten, once again.

WARNING to the weak-stomachs out there:
videos were not shot by professional videographers... ocean movement could make you sick :o)