Wednesday, November 19

you be the judge...

I had not planned on posting more tonight, but in response to begging from one of my grandparents (I won't name names)... I thought I'd come up with something.

My courage is growing these days, as well as my balance, so - I decided to try taking a few more steps tonight. Mom said she counted about 10 steps in a row at most, but geez it felt like a lot more than that! I am still not sure it would qualify as "walking"... but you be the judge. I still can't quite figure out how to stand up without help... I try & try to stand up with one leg - off of one knee, but am not quite strong enough for that yet - so I'll keep working on that technique. Hope you enjoy the videos!

The pictures are also from today - mom caught me red-handed digging through daddy's sock & boxer drawers... that will teach him to leave his drawers open :o) Hope you don't mind me showing off your unmentionables, daddy... I don't think you have seen these pictures yet... hehehe!

Tuesday, November 18

so i have a belly button.... who knew?

Do you have a belly button, too? Mom's been pointing mine out to me for some time now. Every time she'd ask "where's your belly button?"... she would tickle my tummy with her finger. So, starting a couple of days ago - when she asks me... I take her finger & put it right to my tummy. She proceeds to tickle me - and I LOVE it :o). Of course - they caught it on video.

I also sort of learned how to stack bowls. Yeah, yeah - I know - it's not too glamorous of a feat, but it's quite an accomplishment for a li'l tike like me. Sometimes, mom gives me the plastic set from the kitchen & it keeps me occupied for a good while. After several tries - I can usually get them to stack correctly, unless I get sidetracked that is :o) Hope you enjoy these videos - catch ya later!

**ps - if you've not noticed yet... you can go to my "growingupgrier youtube channel" to view all my latest can find the link to the left, under MY FAVE SITES... on youtube - you can watch them larger & in a little bit better quality if you like.

Sunday, November 16

i'm no fairweather fan, but...

... I will say that it is much more fun to support a team that can win (at least every once in a while)! GO BOYS! I put on my uniform to try to bring them some luck tonight... I guess it worked. Mom will have to wash it for next week! Thanks for the outfit, Popi!!!

....oh, & I must give a shout-out to my other "boys"... the Titans, who might I add, are 10-0 so far this season.... woot woot!!!