Saturday, June 13

gosh i'll miss my "maa"!!

Mia's Mimi invited mom & me over for lunch on Thursday... she is the best pseudo-grandma a girl could ever want (especially when the girl's thousands of miles from her real ones). Lunch was delicious, as it always, always is... and even more exciting - Mimi has the coolest toys EVER!

I'd have to say the bestest toy was her "vintage" McDonald's (I say "vintage" because it was "Aunt" Kellye's when she was a little girl.....whoa! ... don't you know - that's old!). We made cheeseburgers for mom & fries for each other (aka: passed plates & money back and forth across the counter to people). Now I know that working at McDonald's is hard work!... too many screaming people saying... "more fries, please" or "another cheeseburger, please"... blah blah blah.... can't you just let a couple of girls play?

Many of you guys know that Mia is practically my sister... we're almost twin-like, considering we
were born not even 2 weeks apart, and because we see each other so much. So... you can imagine that every once in a while (& lately a little more often)... we can "butt heads" so to speak. I mean, really... no sisters get along ALL of the time, right? So - if I take her monopoly money - she takes it back.... and when she takes it back - I scream... and when I scream - she screams.... la la la. I think it kinda freaks our moms out just a little, but we know how much we love each other!... like sisters!

Mia, my sis.... I hope you know how very, very much I will miss you when I move to Texas in a few days. You have been such a very special part of my life & will continue to be so - FOREVER, I hope!! Each time mom says your name, I light up like a Christmas Tree and start asking... "maaa? maaa?" I'm not sure what I'll do without our almost daily play dates... I'll miss those sweet squeals & wild hand waves that you always give me when we see each other for the first time... and you better believe I'll miss my famous "Mia Love Hugs"!! Could you mail me one?? They say that we may not remember our time together forever..... but we should be glad that our crazy mommies & daddies have taken hundreds....NO - THOUSANDS of photos of us, so that we can re-live these 17 months when we're older. We'll keep in touch.... and who knows.... perhaps we'll meet up in college someday (that is - unless I decide that being a McD's drive-thru clerk is my calling). I love you & miss you already.... keep givin' those parents trouble... enough to be from the both of us! See ya later, alligator!!

Oh... and below these pix, I've added a slideshow of some of the thousands of photos of
me 'n' mia ... so scroll down & enjoy it!
ps.... I hope you don't use as many tissues as mom did while she helped me upload all of them!!

Thursday, June 11

slides, static, & sitters

This week, we've been using the last bits of our time here in Nashvegas wisely... playing with friends & enjoying the beautiful scenery (both of which we'll miss so much!)

On Monday, we had a play date with Mia... her mommy made some tasty toasted chicken 'n' pepper jack cheese sandwiches & as usual - Mia and I were more than content to play with each other... giving our mommies a little break in the entertaining department.

We met Aunt Erica for lunch on Tuesday at a gorgeous park near Vanderbilt. The absolutely beautiful trees provided some great shade... and the playground was perfect for a little tot like me (small slides & easy access stairs). We got some photos of the park date & even a video or two of me on the slides. This is the first time that I really began to understand why every kid loves sliding so much... I went back for more action about 6 times. I was the only one on the playground, so needless to say - the lines were just right :o) You'll see that my locks (which I hope you've noticed have started to thicken a wee bit more) were standing on end after each jaunt down the tunnel slide... something called static ... I think that is what mom & "Aunt" E called it!?!?!

Last night, "Aunt" Erica & "Uncle" Brennan came over to play with me, so that the parentals could go out on a date. I have not yet figured out why they wouldn't just take me with them (after all, I am the one who draws "good attention" to our table)... but I'm certainly glad they left me at home this time, because I had a blast playing with E & B. Many thanks go out to my pseudo aunt & uncle.... mommy & daddy needed a date to finally celebrate the past few weeks!

So - it's been a fantastic week so far.... Daddy is wrapping up his last few patients at school, and we could be hitting the road to Texas in less than a week... woo hoo!!!