Saturday, February 26

do-si-do to the rodeo...

We sure do love our rodeos here in Texas! ... it is stock show & rodeo time here in San Angelo... & my daddy can't get enough. Seriously - sometimes I think he'd put the rodeo over Christmas on his favorite holiday list! We have spent lots of time out at the fairgrounds over the past week. Last Friday, we went to watch CheyLee show her goats and I got to ride some kiddie rides with Brady. On Sunday, Uncle Brandon invited us to go with him to the Rodeo... and we went again on Thursday with the grandparents & the Stewart family ... you might be able to tell that it was "real cowboys wear PINK" night for breast cancer awareness.

It was cool to see all of the goats, sheep, & pigs.... a little stinky, but fun - especially watching CheyLee in action with her goats. I absolutely LOVED the rides that I got to ride with Brady... despite mom's hesitancy to let us ride alone... she did & we made it through with big smiles & a readiness to ride a hundred more times. The rodeo performances were good... both Ardynn and I loved just about every second of the shows... minus the goofy clowns, but most definitely including the cotton candy! We also had "rodeo week" at school, so all of my classmates and I dressed up in our western get-up for school this week. Mom put her camera to the test this several times... check out our boots 'n' such! Yeeee Haaaaaw!

ps... please know that none of the babies in these photos were allowed to consume ANY adult beverages... Ardynn put up a good fight, but in the end, daddy was strong enough to keep her lips away from the daddy juice.
me & my horse ;o)