Tuesday, July 22

sittin' pretty

As most of you know... I have been practicin' my sitting skills for quite some time now. Mom still puts the boppy pillow around me when I'm sitting by myself, just in case I lose my balance & topple over, but I'm definitely getting better.

So today, I thought I'd throw mom & dad for a loop. We got home from running some errands & I was peacefully napping in my car seat. As usual, my nutty parents would not just let me finish my nap in peace, but instead... took me out of my car seat & put me into my crib. I tried telling them that it was too late & that I was done napping by crying a little, but mom wouldn't take the hint. After a couple of minutes - I decided she wasn't coming back to get me, so I just sat up & started playing with my friend (aka: my little stuffed mermaid). I hoisted myself up into a sitting position & proceeded to play. As I suspected.. within a few minutes, mom came in to check on me. Boy - I think I shocked her good, because she ran & grabbed the video camera - Ha! Later tonight, mom & dad had me in the floor practicing my skills.... check out the couple of videos & you can see me sit up all by myself.

Oh - I have also started to get excited when people clap for me. I don't quite have the clapping motion down yet, but I do get very excited & flap my arms up and down when mom & dad clap their hands. I don't think they believed that I knew what I was doing at first, but after several hundred times - they decided that it wasn't just a coincidence - geez, give me some credit here. You can see me knocking over some blocks & getting very excited about it in the last video.

Well... I think that's quite enough for one day. A girl's got to get her beauty rest, you know.