Wednesday, December 3

new red, shiny toys... they're for me, right?

Oh, man... you gotta get one of these trees for your house, too! Last night, daddy brought a BIG box down from somewhere upstairs & it had a tree in it. It didn't look like much at first, but now it's got all kinds of fun toys hanging ALL over it. First mom turned on some jingly music (which daddy quickly turned off), then she fixed the million lights all over it, then she put some sparkly, curly sticks on it, and then to top it off... she hung lots of shiny balls all over it. It lights up our whole room & I LOOOOOVE to play with it. Everyone should have one of these trees!

When I woke up this morning, the whole house was decorated in red & green. I am not sure what it all means... but let me tell you, I'm on sensory overload at this point. There's so much to play with, yet mom keeps moving me away from it all. Can't a girl have a little fun? Aren't these toys for me?? The dogs are not playing with them - so they must be mine!

Also - mom has been working tirelessly on some big socks for the past few weeks. This morning they were hung above the fireplace. I don't think she's quite finished with her sock yet (the middle one), but she put them up anyway. I have included a couple of pictures of our mantle... see what you think!? She keeps telling me that some big jolly guy will come & fill them with goodies soon.... well - hurry up big guy... when ya coming????
me 'n' my bestest bud.. keecha

helping daddy with the lights & showing off my ballet releve''s been working with me ;o) ha!

some trees that are just my size

oh man... knocked them over... but don't worry - I'll pick 'em up

get.... it... offfffff

ok... where's this santa dude... I'm calling him

see... I told you there were red & shiny!

me under the tree.... isn't that the best present of all?

Tuesday, December 2

lots of thanks to give...

Oh boy... were you people right, or what?!?!? That bird was the bestest bird I've ever tasted. My trip to San Angelo was short 'n' sweet, but that certainly did not stop me from eating my heart out & making lots of memories!

I spent Thursday with all of my daddy's aunts, uncles, cousins, & grandparents out at my popi's ranch... I ate some turkey & dressing, rode a mini donkey (yes - a REAL ONE), played with my cousins, ate some more turkey & dressing, watched everyone shoot sporting clays, and topped it all off with some chocolate pie. Whew! On Friday - I got to visit with mommy & daddy's friends - Sarah & Jon. We went to Ichiban & then practiced my walking at granna's house a little bit. My 2nd Thanksgiving celebration was on Saturday - this time I spent the day with mommy's family at my doodah's house. I ate some more turkey, but this time there was a whole different smorgasbord of food. Geez - it was hard finding room in my little tummy for any more food, but you better believe that I made room for some ice cream cake... woo wee!

I had such a special first Thanksgiving... I am so so so very lucky to have such an amazing family & wonderful friends. Mommy, Daddy, & I are so very thankful for all of the people who love & pray for us every day. We are so blessed to have each and every one of you in our lives!