Thursday, April 30

puzzles, burritos, & shoes... what a combo!

What a hodge-podge of a post this is! I don't have a lot of narrating to do, as there's not really a story to go with this stuff... but I'll give you a few explanations.

The videos are of me working on some of my puzzles... I'm getting much better at them, considering the only thing I used to do with puzzles was to throw all of the pieces at the dogs.... now my attention span allows for me to at least get a few pieces back onto the board (not necessarily in the correct places yet... but onto the board is a start, right?) There is also one video of me pointing to all of my body parts on cue. It was not by best attempt, as I was getting tired, but you can see me identify most of them for the camera.

The pics are from this week.... we met daddy for dinner on Wednesday night at Qudoba. He was studying for a big test on Thursday (which he passed - yea!) so we met him near the library & made him take a short break to eat. I did exceptionally well with my eating utensils that night!

You can see, as well, that my love affair with shoes continues. Not a day goes by that I don't sneak into our closet (our ONLY closet at this point) & try a few shoes on my little feet.... mommy's, daddy's, mine... I'm not picky. I also tried on dad's reading glasses this morning, but could not see too much - gosh he's blind.

Apologies for the randomness. Hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 29

nada mucho, peeps... nada mucho!

For the first time in several months... we've actually had a quiet couple of days around here.... things have slowed down just a little... & it's kinda nice.

BUT - please allow me to clairfy.... although we have not had a lot to do - - there is certainly never a dull moment when you live in a one bedroom apartment with 2 nutty, spaziod pooches, who are not used to the noises of apt life & bark at every single person/bird/bug that move past our door, a mommy who is always always following you around... trying to pick up your toys 'n' such, because there's "just not enough room for us to be messy", and a daddy who is annoyed by all of the above, as he tries to study & finish up his last few weeks of dental school. Needless to say - daddy has had to stay up at school a little extra lately... concentration levels are not so good at the Lewright pad right now :o).... hahaha!

With all of that said... the week for me has been great! I realize that things are about to pick up again, so I'm making the best of this interim slow-down. I've had some time to play with the few toys we kept here, to take walks around the new neighborhood, to play "tea-party" with mommy, and even to have a picnic at the park.

Since there is not much to tell you... I'll simply leave you with a few photos from this week... hope you enjoy! I will try to get mommy to record a video for you tonight... maybe I can come up with something good to show you by then. :o)

Hugs to all... WORD OUT!

daddy is still obsessed with my little feet... he's taken pix since day 1....
... but pops - no more pictures until i get my first pedicure, ok?!?

helluuuu... waiting to be fed, please.... what's a girl gotta do?

**picnic at the park**

Sunday, April 26

can your daddy run thirteen miles?

My super-dooper-trooper daddy ran in the Country Music 1/2 Marathon on Saturday & boy am I ever proud of him. He's been training for several months now, but about 3 weeks ago, he strained his left foot, and per the doc's orders... he had to stay off of it (for the most part), until the big race. So... his awesome time of 2 hours 06 minutes (an average of a 9.5 minute mile) was pretty darn good... don't you think!?! He, of course, was not 100% happy with his time, but good grief... it was his first race & he had a bum foot... give yourself a break, daddy.

Our friends, Robin & Tom, also came in from Dallas to run. We had such a great time with them while they were here. We all got to eat lots of carbs (yummm! pasta! my fave!) As with most guys, it took a while for me to trust him, but I came to love Mr. Tom by the end of their stay... he was a pretty nice fella.... not sure what I was worried about in the beginning :o) Robin & Tom also had awesome finishes, too... gosh, I was in studly company this weekend!

On Saturday, the streets were absolutely swamped with runners.... a total of 31,000 to be exact... and I must say I had no trouble picking daddy out from the crowd!... in fact - I'd point to him every few seconds or so & say... "Da, Da!" Mommy kept assuring me that it was not him, but I'd swear I saw his blue shirt a million times :o)

A few of us "non-runners" found a couple of spots along the route to cheer on the team. We saw them around mile 3 & again around mile 8. We also saw Jessica, Jennifer, & Chris trucking it along the trail, too. Whew... it was tiring just watching everyone run. Perhaps I'll join in the fun next year... just as long as someone pushes me in the stroller!

**click once on the slideshow below & then you can hold the cursor over the pics to pause & see captions**